March 6th, 2005

Paris, 1939

I am in need of a park, preferably on the Seine or at least near water, in which a couple could've had clandestine *daytime* sex (hidden by trees, for example) in the late 1930s (up to June of 1940 when the Nazis invaded). The basic geography of the place would be helpful, too. Whether it's all flat or there are any hills, meadows, etc.

I've never been to Paris, and all the websites I've looked at are very much focused on tourist attractions. I looked at some photos of the Bosques, but they seem terribly remote, especially back then.

Judging from photos, I don't see clandestine sex being very possible in any of the formally landscaped parks, like the Garden of the Tuileries, for example. Unfortunately I'm at a loss for other options. Any ideas?

Thank you!!

Community college orchestras?

I have a story that I'm contemplating rewriting. One of the main problems with the first version is the age of main characters; the action starts while they're all in high school. For the rewrite, I'd like to move them at least to the first or second year of college, probably (for other reasons) their local community college. There are six core characters, and a not-yet-settled number of peripherals.

However, I also need to get them out of town en masse. In the last version, this was accomplished with a marching band competition, and I'd like to keep the musical angle if possible.

Would a community college have or sponsor its own band or orchestra? If not, are there such things as non-professional community orchestras (or other semi-classical musical ensemble)? Something these guys could join to pad resumes, keep them out of trouble, or just keep their hands in?

If there are, is there any reason the whole troupe, or a significant part of it, might go out of town for an overnight trip?

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