March 3rd, 2005

diana prince

Shoeing horses

I need some info on shoeing horses. My character is a farrier and I wanted to show a typical reshoeing procedure. The horse might act up a little, but not a terror. Any details would be useful, such as how the shoes are made and attached to the hoof. Does someone else hold the horse while the farrier work?
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Alright... my fellow writer and I are in a big tiff at the moment and I figured I'd come to y'all. Is there any realistic and probable way for electricity to cause an enormous disaster now or in the near future?

Strange question, I know, but we're in an arguement on how to realistically get the use of elecricity banned. Neither of us want to stage it in a pre-electricty world, but it's vital for electricity to be out of the picture...
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me with gloves

Legally blind

I have some questions about a character who is legally blind -

1) Where can I find some information about the care and training of guide dogs?

2) Is it possible for the character to use a computer? What modifications would be available to help her use a computer?

3) Is there a way to easily translate braille to text and visa versa?

Thanks! The last time I asked a question in this community (about heroin addiction) I got some great responses.
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