March 2nd, 2005

Amelia Arsenic ♠ nerdy

Two somewhat related questions

Are there any charts of the Chinese Zodiac that go back further then the 1800's? Specifically, I'm looking for the year of the Rat, as close to the year 1650 as possible. I tried both looking up the chart, with no luck, and doing the math myself, which was a right disaster. (answered)

Also, I have a question about private Cold-War era bomb shelters, the type that families built. Given the general 'swampy-ness' of the ground in Louisiana, would a family living near New Orleans have been able to build an underground, cement- or brick-lined shelter, without it sinking into the ground? Nothing large, mind you, one, maybe two cramped rooms, tops. And if it would sink into the ground, would it still be accessible by, say, November of last year? All my searches have turned up regarding bombs shelters in Louisiana were regarding either City Hall, or post-911 predictions. (answered)

Any help that can be offered would be very helpful, and thank you so much in advance.
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Military Rations -- Types, shelf life?

The subject kind of says it all. :) What types of rations are provided for troops? I'm talking about the US military here, and I'd like to know what kind of food there is, how long they last, how you eat them, exactly, and anything else you guys know. It's for a role-playing game, so the truth could probably be bent a little bit, but realisim is fun for all. Thanks in advance!
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