March 1st, 2005

Storm Crows


So...before I go take my melatonin in hopes of actually getting some SLEEP tonight...this morning...whatever...can anyone tell me, roughly, how long a voyage from France to Antarctica and back would have taken around the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries? Say, 1880?

And I promise, some day I'll finish one of the stories I keep gathering info for. Really. Honestly. Okay, G'night....
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Medieval Burn Info

Long time casual reader, first time poster with a question regarding metal burns for an RPG which I hope is on topic here.

Tonight, one of my characters, an aspiring smith was purposefully burnt with the tip of a steel blade fresh from a forge. (ie, another person held the tip to her cheek to teach her a lesson about sneaking around in other smiths' forges.) Due to monatary reasons, as well as her extreme stubborn streak, I don't see her visiting a healer for treatment.

What are some of the things I could reasonably expect to happen to her over the next few days in dealing with the burn, and how bad would the pain presumably be?

Also, in a psuedo medieval setting(Lord Of The Rings), what would be some of the options she could utilize for treating the injury on her own?
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Japanese honorifics, broken bones.

Erm, these two questions relate to two entirely different stories, by the way. Although they're both fanfic for the same series.

1) What are the appropriate uses of the Japanese honorifics '-fujin' and '-gozen', and under what circumstances would it be appropriate to address someone as each? More specifically, could a married woman in her late twenties, who had taken her husband's family name when they married, be addressed as '[family name]-fujin'? If her husband was an important nobleman, would '[family name]-gozen' be appropriate? Even if those usages are innapropriate today, might they have been used several hundred years ago, or might they be used by someone who was being archaic to be humourous or to make a point?

2) Could a woman in her late twenties of average strength and good health, who was very angry at the time, break the arm of a six-or-seven year old boy, who is small for his age and probably has not eaten well for most of his life, with her bare hands, or would she need some sort of blunt instrument or surface to throw him against?

ETA: If a 'spiral fracture' was left untreated expect by primitive first-aid - an attempt to straighten out teh arm and some sort of splint - what would its short-term (ie, for about a year out) effects on the boy's ability to use the arm be?
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Morbid medical question

Let's say we've got an elderly gentleman, about 69. He's in incredible shape, more than capable of going toe to toe with people half his age.

He's just gotten out of a fight where he got smacked around pretty badly. Nothing too serious or permanent, just a lot of bruises and maybe a broken arm.

Then he gets stabbed in the back with a scythe.

Assuming that if the scythe goes far enough into him, the wound would be fatal, how long would it take for him to die? Is there any type of aid that could be given that would help him hold on longer (Like I said, he's a tough old bastard and has an iron will, so he's not likely to let go easily).
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not-so-wicked stepmother needed

For a semi-original I'm writing, I need a folk tale where a stepmother drives her stepdaughter out of the house and the girl then goes on to have some sort of adventure (or has an adventure happen to her). Hansel and Gretel would be ideal here apart from the fact I don't want to deal with the stepson as well. And not Snow White either, because she's my main character already ;)

Any folk tradition or mythology, any fairy tale writer, anything at all. Please help?

EDIT: What I really need is the girl-being-driven-from-home thing, because I want a missing-person investigation. And no, the wicked stepmother from Cinderella won't cut it either - I already have Cin as another character ;)
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Feeling someone's pain

This is a strange question and I'm not sure how to ask it, so bear with me.

When I hear about someone being hurt, or see someone who has an obvious physical injury - a missing arm or foot, a scar on their face, whatever - I almost always feel pain myself. It's usually a sort of throbbing pain that creeps up through my legs, no matter where the injury I've see was. It's happened all of my life, and I've never thought to ask if anyone else experienced it the same way until I pondered incorporating that detail into a story.

So, does anyone know a medical or official name for that sort of pain? ("Sympathy pain" is the best I can think of.) And where do people commonly feel it? (I've talked to a couple of other people. One said that she felt in in her chest; the other on his face.)

I'd appreciate links to official journals about this. Regular search engines aren't helping much.
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On injecting adrenaline

This is the first opportunity I've gotten to use this community. I hope someone might be kind enough to help me out. :)

I was just wondering: if a person who's not having an allergic reaction (or something else that you'd inject adrenaline for) is injected with adrenaline, would that harm that person in any way?

Also, where would you inject it? I know that with an EpiPen, you're supposed to inject it in the thigh muscle. Is that always the case?
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1. In the early 18th century, what kind of age would girls have started wearing a corset at?

2. Following on from that... if someone stopped wearing a corset for several years (say, between around the ages of 17 and 23), would it then be difficult/uncomfortable for them to start wearing one again?
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(no subject)

I'm working on a project set just after the ending of Shakespeare's Hamlet. I have three quetions someone might be able to answer for me...

1) What is a country that might be seeking an alliance with Denmark at this time? Specifically, an alliance through marriage?

2) Does anyone know of the methods by which people were executed during this time? I'm talking formal executions, that a criminal has been sentenced to.

3) Can anyone reccommend a few books or websites to me that might help me understand politics and court life during this period?

Thank you so much for all your help!

Colorado towns

I need a small town within commute-distance of Denver. ("Commute-distance" being . . . say, maybe an hour and a half's drive? Two?) Just about as scattered as possible.

I don't need it for much--I just want my guy's secret base hidden beneath a ramshackle house in the middle of nowhere, if possible. (I've never been to Colorado, so I don't know if it's possible.) Is there such a place within two hours of Denver?

Um . . . thanks for your help. ^^;
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