February 28th, 2005


What happens to glass, china and metal in a fire?

I suppose I'm lucky that we've never had to deal with the trauma of a house burning down for us (the closest I've been was when a neighbour across the court burnt out a flat with one of those single-use foil grills three years ago, so will forever be wary about those.) But, since I'm an innocent on that account, I'll need some help from someone who might know what kitchen utensils will be like after a fire. Plastic will melt to goo or charred lumps, but what about stuff like glass, china and metal? (I hope for the sake of the fic that they'll be unusable.)

how do we see our loved ones when we're dying

When people are in their twilight years, whether because of illness or because they're getting old,
how do they regard their life?

Do they start "summing things up" and reflecting on what their life meant? Do they feel renewed appreciation and love for their loved ones? Is it just all, "I'm in a lot of pain, so leave me the #@$ alone"?

Do they appreciate the care and sacrifice that others are making? Are they embarassed at being in such a sorry state? Some of each?

I ask these kind of questions because even though I do my own research, I want to see the "human" side of the answers and wonder what other people's real life observations and experiences have been.

Male perspective: first time with someone you love

How does a man typically think of the first time with someone he loves? [Particularly if it's his first time with *anyone*]

I'm not asking what the mechanics are, but what does it *feel* like, emotionally. Is he likely to reflect on the experience afterward?

The males I could ask (my best friend and my husband) both seem unable to conceptualize this or put it into words.

The people involved are highly religious. The "first time" takes place immediately before or following marriage. "A score" isn't entering anyone's mind. It's his first time ever. His age? Equivalent maturity of about 30. He spent much of his life with monastic orders. The two people involved wanted to be together, for a long time. I'm a woman and just don't know how to think of this in any but a "feminine" way of thinking, though.
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Torture techniques! Lay 'em on me!

Okay, more specifically, I have a woman in her late 40s who's going to kidnap and torture a 16 year old boy. She intends to kill him eventually, but very very slowly, and she won't get that far before he gets rescued. Obviously he's going to be stronger than she is, but she's a very powerful magic user, so preferably I need things that either don't require brute strength or that concievably be done by magic instead. He's going to be bound magically during the whole thing so he can't get away or use his powers (he's a teleporter).

Also, I'd prefer it not be anything too permanently damaging, as I hope to keep a hold of the boy for a good long time and don't want anything he'll just die from in a month. But I don't mind scarring him up a bit. *g*

Oh, and nothing with eyeballs please (despite my last question). That stuff scares the shit out of me and I don't want to give myself nightmares. ;)

(Also, I know there are a few of you on this community who will know what this is for. I say to you, SHHHHHH.)
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In 1332, what would the words spoken in a knighting ceremony be(England)? I know there's the order of St. Michael and St. George or something, but I don't know when that was first used.

Also, what monetary units were used in the early 1300s in England?

And again, writing utensil?
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Rope Bondage

I have a question about rope bondage. I'm completely new to this area.

The situation is two characters who are trying rope out for the first time. They've done the research and are familiar with the how-to's; I need to know how to write them.

What I'd really like are some basic websites. I'd google it, but I'm sort of afraid of what weird porn sites it'll turn up. Can anyone help me out?
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