February 27th, 2005

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Several small questions...

Okay, I have several small questions for some research I'm doing for future chapters of a story I'm working on. I sure similar questions have been asked in the past, so I appologize for bringing it up again, but...

1) I have a character who's totally nuts. Absolutly freaking insane in the membrain kinda of crazy. She's psychically sensitive, and living in a magic/science fusion which is set in the near future. Now, she'd probably been put on some kind of mood levelers to surpress her violent tendancies, and I was wondering where would be a good place to research that sort of thing. Also, would it be feasible if, after she escaped, she used some form of drug to surpress her _non_ violent tendancies? Is there a form of so called recreational drug that depresses moral concience? Is there a good site to research the probable effect and ways she could gain access to such drugs?

2) I also have a male character who suffers a non-consentual sexual encounter with a someone who he _thinks_ is a woman he trusted. Where would I go to find out what some of the realistic side effect of that would be, both psychologically, and on his relationship with his wife, who looks just like his attacker, afterwards? Do men have a different range of reactions to rape than women do? Do they face different problems with recovery afterwards?

3) Does anyone know of a good place to research Japanese legal code as it pertains to violent crimes committed by minors? I know it's a rising problem in Japan, and that there used to be a general tendancy to hold the parents responsible for their children's actions, is that still the case? Does anyone know what kind of sentance or evaluation such a child would face?

Sorry if any of these are repeat questions, any pointers of good sites would be most welcome.
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Describing injuries from severe domestic abuse

As part of my story, the protagonists are in a scene where one is cleaning up the other. That other has been severely beaten by her father, all over her back, coz he got really, really mad at her and took the usual abuse too far.

I've never been abused. I have no idea what this looks like. And in order for the protagonist who is also the narrator to describe the process, I have to know what such things look like.

I was told I needed a photo from a textbook such as a paramedic trainee would use, and was told a friend of a friend would provide...but that foaf hasn't come forth with what I need, despite repeated prodding about it.

It doesn't matter what the abuser used on the victim; it's preferable if it was something like a belt or a stick of some sort, just given the situation, but we can make any choice of a weapon work. What does matter is that the beating itself was severe enough to cause multiple wounds, be they shallow or otherwise. All I ask is that it's bleeding.

Does anyone know where to find this kind of picture, or has such a textbook? Googling yields me lots of abuse advocacy sites, and really...why would you want that sort of thing floating around the Internet anyway? I've been stuck for about a month now, and could really use the help...

Thanks a lot for any help you can give.
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somewhat morbid

Is it possible to tear open someone's throat without tearing the jugular? If you did, would it still spray blood all over the place? How far does a jugular spray blood and how long does it take for it to stop spraying?

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I'm not quite sure who would know this, but what's the texture of a live mountain lion's coat like? I've touched one made into a rug, found it sort of coarse and slick with brittle hair. At the time I assumed that it was at least partly due to how the pelt was processed, but am I correct in thinking that it's the same general idea on a live cat? I was wondering too about that bit of soft, fluffy fur that house cats have at the bases of their ears and on their throats. Likely to be there on a cougar, or more typical of the small Felis cats?
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(no subject)

I'm looking for information about British military uniforms from the early 18th century (between 1700 and 1725, preferably)- all/most ranks, and pictures would be nice so I can be sure of what I'm describing.

Thanks in advance!
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lung disease and irritants

Regarding the character with lung disease - it's described similarly to emphysema, and runs a similar course, though I never actually say *what* it is - he lives in an area/cultural context where the smell of incense is ubiquitous. Making matters worse, he lives within a religious organization - there are lots of incense offerings. He is the head of this organization, but I don't think he'd make everyone change everything just for him.

And very few households in this culture are terribly *clean*; dust is ubiquitous and there is often some mold/mildew.

Is his wife going to have to stop using the scented balm she likes?

How much is this going to shorten his life expectancy, make him miserable, et cetera? Or does this vary from patient to patient? How much is my guy likely to just swallow his misery and try to be stoic?

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Which band?

A metal cover of Norway's national anthem (ja, vi elsker). Does anybody know which band this is, or any communities where people might know? I need to find both the name of the band and if it is possible to buy it, or if the song I have heard is a bootleg or not (I have heard this song once, on a nightclub in spain, so I never got the chance to find out. All I know is that the song exists...)
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Odd questions

Ok I will be 'attempting' a Major fic soon. to be exact it will have exactly 31 chapters.

1. I need a calander of future dates. ie future years, that show month-day- day of the week- ect.. Each chapter will be a day, written like a journal. Staring with the middle of one month. ending in the following month, when the writer of the journal kills himself. ie chapter 31 is the after effcts. It's in the Harry Potter universe, and after the war, So I have to 'wing' a lot of things. I know the link to the Harry Potter Lexicon. So this all happens exactly one year after the books end. So I need the calander of dates, exactly one year after the books end.

2. The title charather goes through varying stages of depperesion, and the after effects of Post-traumatic stress disorder. With another charather's marriage - engagement, sets him off on a down ward spiral to suicide. So basilcy I'm 'attempting' to make an outline of what stages he woudl go through, given the degress of stress he will be under going. Any tips will be helpful.

3. The big one. I need to find a creative way for hm to die. No hanging, no jumping off a building, so cutting, no sleeping pills. Those have been done, and I don't wnat to touch them. No guns since thsi is britian and, they are very strict on their gun control laws. Since this IS the Harry Potter universe, i was considering useing a potion / poision to do the job, but have yet to find one, that will knock him out then kill him, without causeing him too much pain. But I know such a poision exists. I'm just obvious to the name.

Thank you.
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Blindness and facial scarring?

So I have a character who's blind in one eye. The problem is, the character he's based on is actually *missing* an eye, which I don't want to duplicate, but do at least want to acknowledge. Now, I know it's entirely possible to be blinded in one or both eyes without actually losing them, or even being noticeably scarred -- I knew a guy for a year before finding out he was blind in his left eye, for example. But is it possible for someone to be blinded without injury to the eyeball itself, but with mild facial scarring?

What I mean is: would it be possible for my character to appear to have two functioning eyes, but to still have a small scar on his face, something like this?
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Mod notes

Y'all have been wonderful, really. This is just something that wasn't made clear in the user info when this community was first created. I've since edited it, but those of you who joined early might have missed it.

This community isn't here to replace your own research.

Asking questions is fine--that's what we're all here for, after all. But don't be lazy. At least try to do your own research before you come to us, especially if you have a question that you think you might be able to find info on.

Doing your own research has three important benefits:

1) It keeps this community's post number down. We have a ton of members, but if we don't want the number of posts to grow so much that people no longer want to watch this community on their friends page. (If they're not watching, they're not answering anyone's questions.) There's no easy solution to keeping post numbers manageable, but if find an answer to your question on your own, it helps.
2) You might find pages that are more informative than we are.
3) IT'S GOOD PRACTICE. The more you research, the better you get at it.


Should I create a community similar to this one, but for questions not related to writing?*


Would you join it if I did?

Depends on how lame it is


I don't have an opinion. I just want to close the poll.

* Specifically, I've noticed that several people have asked questions that they don't need answered for a story that they're working on; they're just curious. This isn't against the rules--yet. But if I create a separate community for questions like these, it could help keep post count down for those who only want to answer questions if it has to do with fic. Of course, if you monitor both communities, the net effect is null.

And it wouldn't keep people from lying ...


And finally, I'd just like to remind new members that there is an entry where you can suggests links to be included on the "Resources" part of the user info. Series-specific links are great, and so are general info sites.