February 26th, 2005

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Chinese Mythology/Folklore

Okay, so I did something stupid.

Backstory: I'm in a creative writing class, and I decided to be fancy and tie all my stories together in the same universe. It's this reality where all the myths were real, about a UN project composed of very powerful children of gods. The very first rough bang-up I did for class, I didn't have much of the back story worked out, so I just randomly assigned most of my main team powers and prayed I could make them work. Which I have, for all but one. She's from Beijing, and I'm afraid I'm rather weak on eastern Asia's mythology.

Question: I need is some sort of Chinese mythological deity-type with some kind of energy-based or weather ability. (The character in question can throw lightning bolts, but the powers don't have to match up exactly.)

And yes, I have tried researching this, but it's kind of hard to look something up when you don't really know what you're looking for in the first place. When I was trying to figure out who hired one of the other characters to steal Thor's hammer, I at least had a couple of names to start with...and now I'm babbling.

So. Any suggestions?
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marriage ceremonies

Ok, just a quick question (this has been bugging me all day). When signing a marriage certificate, does the bride (assuming she's changing her name) sign as 'name (maidenname)' or 'name (husband's surname)'?
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Geeky Reference

Hi, I need a geeky reference to maybe star treck, star wars, stargate, any REALLY geeky fandom-type references that would compare someone to a character from said fandom for having a fit in a supermarket.

Like if Guy A yells at a the deli counter worker really badly and then Guy B is like 'Whoa, you just went all (insert geeky character name) on him!"

If you would like to know sort of what I'm looking for, the guy saying 'whoa...' is Andrew from BtVS.

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(no subject)

How many regular US stamps would it take to ship a plain two-page letter to Canada? Specifically, Quebec, if that matters.
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Chicago Cubs?

revealing my total sports ignorance. I know the Cubs are legendary for *not* winning the World Series but didn't they just recently (within the last few years) win? I think so and...I need to know what year they won.


EDIT: Thanks, one and all. Proof positive that I know bupkis about sports--it was the Red Sox I was thinking of, clearly.
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Snow myths

If anyone vould throw a few links to any myths concerning snow, especially to do with loneliness and/or sedcvtuinon (Think Snow Queen) I souldbe mightilty grateful.
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Japanese ID card

Can anyone tell me what, in general, the writing and diagrams on this ID card might mean? The shot is taken from the movie Akira. I'd just like to know if it means something or if it's just filler, or what. Sorry the picture isn't great quality. The card belongs to a fifteen-year-old boy, and the movie is taking place in 2019. Any help appreciated, thanks.
Edit: Okay, this link should work - sorry to waste people's time #^_^#
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(no subject)

(Posted for my friend again, because Livejournal hates him.)

I need to know the monitary exchange rates from the 1800's, specifically 1889-1900. I know the conversion rate for the British pound (sterling) into US dollars was about 5 dollars per pound in 1889; also for 1889, what I need to know is the conversion of German marks into either UK pounds or US dollars. I'll take any exchange rate from 1880 through 1900, I just need a rough number.

Dislocated or Broken? You decide.

How much medical knowledge does one need to tell the difference between a dislocated arm and a broken shoulder? Would, say, the top general of an army be able to figure out if his was broken or dislocated?

And, assuming the injured person had regeneration abilities, how long might it (reasonably) take to recover from crushed legs, a broken/dislocated shoulder/arm, broken ribs, and internal bleeding, so that the person could walk?

Sorry if this is asking too much or straying into the realm of the hypothetical.

EDIT: Also, what would a broken shoulder look and feel like? (I found a past post about dislocated arms, so I don't really have to worry about that one.)
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American prescriptions

When a doctor gives you prescriptions for, say, sleeping pills, how many do you get? Can you go back to the pharmacy and get more after you've used the first bottle? In New York State, if that helps.
I know our Australian rules are very different to the US, and I can't find anything specific at pharmacy-patient level, only at policy-making level.
Thanks very much!
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Newsworthy events, circa 10/1991

I'm in the middle of writing part of a novel set in late 1991, and for the life of me, I can't remember any of the main (American) newsworthy events that would be covered on something such as NPR during that particular timeframe, and the character I'm writing settles on that station for a little while.
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What, exactly, does one say when one goes to confession? I'm fairly sure it begins with "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned," but do I have the wording correct? What comes after this? How much is there that one ritually says before actually confessing sins?

My atttempts at Googling have brought me plenty of information on confessing, and the history of confessing, and the religious benefits of confessing, but nothing about what one actually says while in the confessional booth. Any help would be greatly appreciated.