February 24th, 2005

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what advanced degree?

I am trying to develop an educational backstory for a character. She is the mayor of a town iof about 10,000 people, in the western US. It's a regional center with community college, county-wide high school, etc. It is about three hours away from a major city (Denver). She is married, with teenaged children.

The age of her children, and the length of her husband's medical school training/residency, has made me decide that she earned a college degree before she married.

For the sake of the backstory, I am assuming:
1) she received a liberal arts BA, which would help her develop critcal thinking, analytical skills, and communication skills -- while still being a generalist, and
2) after her children were in school, she entered a Masters program, which meant commuting a couple of days a week to Denver.

The question is, what kind of Masters program would help her be qualified for her position as mayor/city manger? She would need training in:

governmental policy
(and anything else related you can think of)

I don't want her to have an MBA.

I think there are several possibilities, but would like your input on this.

ETA: Thanks a lot for your help!
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Domestic Abuse Intervention

Having attempted a google search and discovered that all I really could find were discussion boards. So I'm going to ask here.

What would be some 3rd party interventions regarding domestic abuse? Like, what could a friend do if he knew someone that was being abused? Everything they could try would be helpful. I need to make it obvious that the friends have tried everything possible to get her out of the abusive relationship, short of kidnapping her or killing the husband.

Edit: I just remembered that she has to stay with the husband for 32 years of abusive marriage and end up killed by him. Nothing that would force them separate would work. I'm having two friends talk at her funeral about everything they did to try and help her. So... yeah. A little clarification I didn't originally think of, sadly.
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(no subject)

1) Can anyone help me think of a suitably pretentious name for a hair dye on the brownish side of copper? I'd go browse the shelves at the grocery, but I'm kind of snowed in.

2) Are there any eye colors which would be more common than others for people of Greek descent?
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Hideyoshi's descendants

Hi. Thanks to everyone who responded to my last query. I'm afraid the related story withered, but I got some great information, thanks!

Japanese history question. It's fairly well-known that Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the second of the Unifiers of Japan, sort of lost his marbles towards the end of his life. His whole family was cut down, and according to Turnbull, only two descendants remained. Does anyone know who these are?

It's a bit difficult to track with his commoner origins and his changes of name.
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Long-time watcher, first-time poster, et cetera, et cetera. :)

Either my Google-Fu is weak, or Google's being uncharictaristically unhelpful. Does anyone know of any site or collection of sites that would have day-to-day things about the Masai culture of Africa? I've found a few sites about the culture, but nothing really what life is like for a member of a village, nor their cultural views on things, and so forth. Also, a site for Masai names would definitely be helpful, with the origins of said names a definite plus.

Thank you all kindly in advance. :)
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Desert? Kitty litter!

I'm ashamed I'm even asking, but if I knew I would someday need the info, I would've paid a heck of a lot more attention.

Alright, basic questions, because I haven't seen it asked recently, and makes no appearance in the memories folder (though I'm sure they've already been run through a thousand times): in the story I'm writing, five people get flung back through time, and two find themselves in the middle of the North African desert, after a period of unconsciousness.

Okay, not in the middle per se (we're talking 3000 years ago Egypt), but definitely with nothing but dunes in sight.

1) How long can they survive without water?
2) How cold does it get in that area at night?
3) There were caravans travelling the north expanse, right?
4) And what city was the capital located in post-Ahkenaten? Was it Thebes? Better yet, what was the capital just before the Greek dynasties settled in?