February 21st, 2005


Music question

Okay, the first one shouldn't be too hard.

The artist is McBride & The ride, what I need is the title. What lyrics I can remember are:
I got holes in my pride, holes in my pocket.
A big old hole in my heart where she broke it.
Call me a loser, but I'm just a gambling man.

I think it might be called High Hopes and Empty Pockets, but I'm not sure

The second one is really obscure. It was about ten years ago and was both a country song and a rap song. All I can remember is that it was about a guy who could dance and there was some rapping going on in the middle.

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Photography questions

I have two questions, both concerning professional photography.

1. If I wanted to dissolve the image on a photograph, would soaking it in a saturated solution of potassium ferricyanide do the trick? Or are there other, more potent bleaching agents? I need a way to dissolve the image on a photograph without destroying the paper on which it was printed.

2. Are there any reliable ways of knowing what kind of camera was used to take a picture? (Digital cameras are out of the question; the timeframe/setting I'm writing in doesn't allow these.) That is, if all you have is an amateur darkroom-developed print, are there chemical/mechanical ways of tracing it to a source, even if the source is merely something like the development technique? Using any kind of electronic equipment or outside sources is not an option in my case.



Premodern trajectory of lung disease

(xposted to medical_geeks)

Where do I find info/biographical accounts regarding the trajectory/progression of chronic lung diseases, in one or both of the following settings:

1) Cultural or religious setting where there isn't a huge importance placed upon going to great heroics to keep someone alive past their ability to be comfortable and useful, or where there is a disbelief in using many modern interventions.


2) Progression of chronic lung diseases in premodern settings. How long would it have taken someone to die of emphysema or similar, say, in 1950/prior as opposed to now?

Biographical accounts work. I'm more interested in human stories than dry statistics.

I know there is plenty out there about TB, but the character in question doesn't have TB, and TB has its own unique characteristics, so that's not terribly useful to me.

Most of the issue is "how long" and "what it's going to be like". The blogs of people with lung disease aren't helping me much; there's too much that's specifically modern and this cultural setting - for example, we 21st century Westerners tend to go to every last heroic effort to keep someone alive, and there is a big stigma toward death.

Two questions; one with purpose, one without.

First, my Question Without Purpose, asked simply because I want to know:

Does Japanese have any equivalent to Braille, some written language for the blind? What do blind people use to read, other than a friend who likes reading aloud?

And second, my Purposeful Question, RP-ing for the use of:

What would be some books a Japanese History of Literature class would be likely to read? Are there Japanese equivalents of Dickens, Shakespeare, whoever wrote Ethan Frome, and so on, that everyone reads in high school? If not, what would a Literature course in Japan involve reading?
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(no subject)

i am currently writing a fantasy script in which i want to imply that one of the characters is physically and/or sexually abused. the character has some telekinetic ability, and the actor playing the character is under the age of consent. after poking at this for a while i'm having a hard time implying -- both in the fantasy/seance scenes and in the more realistic scenes -- that he has been abused, beyond some of the obvious factors (we see his caretaker slapping him around, he has a mysterious sore on his face, etc; additionally, his telekinesis becomes more obvious when he is being abused).

the wikipedia has given me some help in terms of how abuse victims would behave in general, with a particular focus on parents. how would a character who is being physically and sexually abused react/interact with a female character in whom he may have some romantic interest?

Judaism in Late Antiquity

Okay, that's probably put most people off ;-)

For those who've got down this far: the complicating factor is the difference in calendars. Does anybody have any ideas what portions of scripture might be read during late August/early September 493 CE?
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Stupid question...

If you have a concrete wall short enough to sit on or rest your arms on if you are standing between an café and the open street or something similair... is it a word to describe it? Or is it just "a short wall seperating the cafe from the busy street"

I believe it is a word for it... I just can't find it...
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Latin Translations

Does anyone know any good, easy to use sites that help translate English to Latin? And in the meantime, can somebody translate 'first a father' into Latin for me?


ETA: Thank you to everyone who responded! You're all great :D

Absinthe in the UK

In the UK, can you find absinthe in any store that sells liquor? I have a vampire character who is in a fictional rock band that is touring Europe, and he goes on a drinking binge while they're in the UK. In my mythos, vampires originated in Eastern Europe, so absinthe is the drink of choice. (And before anyone says anything, my vampires don't consume it with sugar like humans do; they can tolerate the bitterness, so they just swig it straight from the bottle.) I need to know if my character could just walk into a store in London that sells liquor and pick up a bottle. I'm in the US, so absinthe is illegal here(actually, it's only illegal to import it, but it's not illegal to possess it. And you can bring it into the country if you can somehow prove it's not for human consumption.) and I'm not sure how readily available it is in other parts of the world. So, thanks in advance!


Thanks for all your help! :)
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