February 20th, 2005


Gay slang words needed

Does someone know any derisive terms gay men might use for pretty though vapid and promiscuous young things without much interest in anything else except for themselves and cruising (in that priority)? In general terms I'm looking for a combination of bimbo, twink and slut.

This is actually for a roleplay, but I figure it counts as I'll probably use it in a future story...

Slight backstory: I'm playing a werewolf in an AU Underworld game. (Please save all "That movie sucks and ripped off White Wolf!" commentary for later.) I'm supposed to give him weapons, which I really know nothing about. He's already got two guns (I love having a gun-knowledgeable friend), but I want to give him a knife as a secondary means of defense when he's in human form. I was thinking a hunting knife. Problem is, when I google "hunting knife" all I get are catalogue sites. Does anyone know of a good knife, hunting or no, that would create a rather nasty wound if used on a person? Even a website or a reccomendation to someone that does know would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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Psychiatric disorders

I'd like to know if a character that I've created for an RPG fits any specific psychiatric disorder. I've trolled the DSM-IV, but it seems that she doesn't fit enough criteria for any diagnosis. I'm not an expert, though. Are there any experts here?

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The reason why I ask is that this RPG requires the characters in her group to have a serious mental problem. It's best if she has an actual disorder, but if she doesn't, oh, well. I can turn it in anyway and they may or may not accept it.