February 20th, 2005

This is actually for a roleplay, but I figure it counts as I'll probably use it in a future story...

Slight backstory: I'm playing a werewolf in an AU Underworld game. (Please save all "That movie sucks and ripped off White Wolf!" commentary for later.) I'm supposed to give him weapons, which I really know nothing about. He's already got two guns (I love having a gun-knowledgeable friend), but I want to give him a knife as a secondary means of defense when he's in human form. I was thinking a hunting knife. Problem is, when I google "hunting knife" all I get are catalogue sites. Does anyone know of a good knife, hunting or no, that would create a rather nasty wound if used on a person? Even a website or a reccomendation to someone that does know would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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Psychiatric disorders

I'd like to know if a character that I've created for an RPG fits any specific psychiatric disorder. I've trolled the DSM-IV, but it seems that she doesn't fit enough criteria for any diagnosis. I'm not an expert, though. Are there any experts here?

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The reason why I ask is that this RPG requires the characters in her group to have a serious mental problem. It's best if she has an actual disorder, but if she doesn't, oh, well. I can turn it in anyway and they may or may not accept it.