February 19th, 2005

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Question, and a potential resource.

1) Anyone know of any decent resources describing what fashionable parties were like in Vienna in the 1730s? What sort of drinks were available; what games were played?

2) Please delete if it's off topic, but I've started a community dedicated to medical trivia and related information which, when it gets going, may be of some use to people.
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surgical anesthetics

(Posted for a friend of mine.)

In short, what's the strongest (surgical) anesthesic in the world? In my story, a girl has a strange... I guess you would call it ability. She just can't be kept unconcious by even the most powerful anesthetics for more than maybe a half hour or so, and she's having a lot of major surgery done on her. She keeps waking up during the operations, and the doctors have just started giving her local anesthetics to keep her from lashing about when she wakes up. It's slightly in the future, and I need to come up with a realistic name for the types of super-strong anesthetics they would be using, without sounding like I have no idea what I'm talking about (which I don't), so I need to know what the official names for the anesthetics of today are.

I know of a drug called Isoflurane, so I'm thinking of calling this drug Xenothrane. It's a super strong anesthetic that doesn't work on her, but would otherwise be able to put down an elephant. What I'm really looking for is something like ketamine hydrochloride but longer lasting, since it's "an anesthetic agent and is derived from phencyclidine. It acts like a volatile anesthetic agent and is potent, quickly acting, and has a short duration. It is usually only used for children under 16 because about 27% of those over 16 have wild dreams and hallucinations during emergence that can be rather dangerous and unpleasant." However, I WANT there to be terrible dreams. So, any suggestions?
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Police, Social Services, Hospitals and Teenage Orphans (Incredibly vague, I'm sorry).

A slightly strange and terribly vague (series of?) question(s) is what I come with today, I'm afraid. I would've googled it/them, however the problem occured when I realised that I hadn't a clue as to what I would start looking with, so I figured I'd try my luck here and see what kind of a response I got.

In my story, I have a pair of homeless orphans (brother and sister) who are living in modern-day America (as to the exact whereabouts, I've yet to figure out). The brother is the older of the two, between the ages of 17-18, and the sister, 16-17. When it so happens that a fight occurs, leaving the older brother badly injured and unconscious and the sister considerably injured as well (though still conscious), she realises that she must get help if her brother is to survive. Insert dynamic interlude here, and they wind up at the local ER.

Now, I'm assuming that after things have been explained to the hospital staff about the pair's circumstances, that the police would get involved. I'm also assuming that Social Services would get involved too. My problem is what comes after that.

What would happen to them after they were fit to leave hospital? Please, correct me if I'm wrong by saying that surely, after their situation has come to the realisation of the council, they wouldn't just be thrown out onto the streets again.

Some of the things I need to know concern things like housing, financing, therepy/counselling (seeing as both of them have been through a lot of trauma in their lives), education (if any), and exactly how much would be forced upon them, seeing as how neither of them are 'of age'. Any other information is greatly appreciated too.

Again, my apologies for the vagueness of the question. Thank you for any help in advance.
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On Trauma, Police, and Names. (Hi... First post. Sorry if I screw up.)

Okay. I posted in a community that helps for telling if characters are Mary Sues or not, and I was told about this community, which I think I already like.

1) What will happen after trauma? Nothing really traumatic has happened to me so I have no clue. Not with rape, but something traumatic all the same?

2) What would happen if a person went to the police with a note that appeared blank to them (the police)? Because the character with the note can read what's on it, but when they show it to anybody else it appears blank.

3) Is there any good last name for the first name of Astraea? (I was considering giving her the last name of Hob. But then again, I'm pretty much clueless.)