February 17th, 2005

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War Prayrs

Hey. Long-time lurker, first-time yadda yadda. Well, no, actually... second.

I have a character who, essentially, thinks he's doing God's will by punishing worldly evils. His belief system isn't exactly Catholic, but it's close, and since he was Catholic before being converted (and changed into a vampire), he still considers himself part of the Church.

My question is if any of you know of any places to look for prayers other self-styled holy warriors would use. particularly organizations such as the Knights Templar or the Inquisition. Something to say prior to a fight- or a murder- to prepare himself, to reinforce to himself that he's doing God's will, and to underscore his pious self-righteousness. I keep thinking of the family prayer in the Boondock Saints ("And Shepherds we shall be, for thee my God for thee...), but I'd prefer something more authentic. Otherwise, I'll make up my own.

Much thanks in advance.

Question about tattoos

Is there a special name for tattoos that are in black and white or greyscale? A friend suggested that it was called "stonework", but I can't find anything online to support this idea, and neither she nor I have tattoos.

Verification? Suggestions otherwise? I don't want to keep calling it a "grayscale tattoo" if there's a better word or phrase.


Do people who 1) are lifelong nonsmokers, 2) don't live in an area with a lot of dust or pollution, 3) don't have a predisposing genetic condition, 4) and are otherwise healthy - ever get emphysema?

The character in question ultimately dies of it, but has had the following happen. 1) While otherwise healthy, he has a history of lung injuries and issues. He suffered a punctured lung and pneumothorax as result of a war injury. 2) Years after that, he spent about two months practically starving, in a little room filled with lots of mold and every known nasty fungus. He had a lung abscess and fungal pneumonia, and survived following a long recovery (and getting out of that bad situation). He was in reasonably good health for many years before his lungs finally failed.

I am wondering if any of the previous could predispose one to emphysema, or what other lung problems they could be at risk for.

Most of the emphysema stories I have been reading, are the sequelae of a lifetime of smoking...

London cafe/resturant

Can anyone give me the name and location of a cafe/resturant (in London) that a native of London who is rather wealthy (a businessman, politician etc) would frequent or arrange to meet someone? and if so, can you please give me a general idea of what you would call "the mood" of the place?

thanks for any and all help!
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Quick question about Victorian England

Setting: Victorian England, 1880ish, I think. Would it be normal for mid-to-high class kids to hang out co-ed: little girls to play/socialize with little boys, like a play-date or recess or something like that? What would be something a little girl could give a little boy as a token - a button or a hankerchief or something?

Thank you in advance!
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-pulls out hair-

Can someone please answer this once and for all? Is "in front" and "of course" two seperate words, or is there no space between them? My Word program corrects "infront" and "ofcourse" with spaces, but I continue to see it otherwise. Does anyone know? This is driving me to distraction in grammar!


Thank you. I myself thought it to be two words, but all the little younglings running around here just don't get it. Muches thanks.
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horses and distance

How long, at a fairly relaxed pace, on fairly level ground, would it take a rider on a horse to travel 30 miles, say (if you could give me approx times for 15 and 20 as well, that'd be great)? How long would the same distance take at near-enough top speed (as fast as horse could manage)?

Yes, I'm writing a fantasy novel with a *tinsy* bit of horse riding in, and no, I know nothing about horses. In my defence, there are only two scenes, I think.
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Japanese and Spanish cognates?

Kind of a random question, but I was wondering if anyone could help me in finding Japanese words that are of Spanish origins. Such as how "pan" is both Japanese and Spanish for bread.

Are there any others, or is that it?

Thanks in advance!