February 16th, 2005

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Questions about contact lenses

I've always worn glasses, never contacts, so I don't know anything about them. I have a few questions regarding a character in one of my fandoms who does wear them.

1) Can you wear contact lenses in the shower or while swimming?

2) The character in question wears purple colored contact lenses. Is it possible that they're prescription, or are colored contact lenses always for vanity purposes?

3) How expensive would it be to regularly replace purple contact lenses? (Prescription and/or non-prescription.) The character lives in a major American city.
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California roadside landmarks

Okay, you know alongside the freeway in California how they have these "weird circular dome things" that are apparently like 3- or 4-story-tall fences without tops? They appear to be for energy conservation or weather observation-- What I need to know is what they are actually *called* and what they actually *do*. I haven't had any luck, 'cause, well, Googling "topless California roadside attractions" doesn't really answer my question...


strawberry prices?

Hello! Are any of you Americans who have ever been to one of those farms where they let you pick strawberries for a certain amount of money? If so, I could really, really use your help.

1. What was the unit that they charged by? Quarts?
2. How much money did they charge per unit?
3. How long ago was this, and what state were you in?

Thank you!