February 14th, 2005

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New York help

Hey I was wondering if I could get some help from a New Yorker.

I need to make up a location for an apartment and grocery store in Manhattan. The apartment belongs to a guy who works at a real estate type company (a nice one) and they are paying for him to go to school to get a degree in architecture.

I want his apartment to be nice. not rat infested or anything. But not like Donald Trump nice. I also need a location for a grocery store, hopefully not too far from the apartment.

Oh! And I also need a second apartment location. I need another location close to the first apartment, but it needs to be a little worse off. (The two apartment people use the same grocery store.

I know I sound confusing, but if anyone could help me with this I would be grateful!

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(no subject)

Could anyone tell me which of the Long Island (USA) vineyards has the best reputation and which vineyards in the area have interesting tours?

ETA: Thank you - that's really helpful

Premature babies and British accents

Two questions:

1: If a child was born prematurely, what would be some of the short term and long term effects on her health? The character is question is born in what would be the equivalent of about six to seven months *EDIT: into gestation, not early* (a full term pregnancy is ten months) in about 1980 tech. I know many children born that early don't survive, but she does (she has to, she's a main character). Would she have diminished lung capacity or have to be on oxygen for a while, would she possibly be smaller than other children her age, etc?

2: A child (different one, same series) moves to England from the US when she is about seven years old, and moves back when she's about twelve. Would she pick up any degree of English vocabulary (say, using "jumper" instead of "sweater", etc) or accent? Or would she stick to Americanisms the whole time?

Thanks. I know I ask more than I give, but my knowledge is limited.
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Question for music lovers...

Okay, I'm working on a PotO piece and I need the lyrics to a piece of music. The only problem is I don't know which piece. I don't mean "oh, I don't know the title", I mean I have no clue for a SONG. It has to be French, probably either traditional or 19th century opera, and either a love song of some sort or a lullaby. I suppose one of the requiems of the time would work too, but I'd rather avoid that one...

Any suggestions?

Driving in the 1970s

What sort of mileage would a four-door 1961 De Soto have gotten when it was still less than fifteen years old? Also, how large would the gas tank have been? (I don't need exact numbers for either, just a general feeling for how often a driver would have had to stop for gas.)

On a related issue, were gas stations open 24 hours a day in the United States during the early 1970s, or is that a more recent thing in this country? And if they were open 24 hours, would full service have been available for the same period, or only during the day?
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Questions about Dancing in England

These are lame questions, and I'm sorry, but I really don't know where to look it up.

What's the commonly used word for a place where young people dance to loud rock music? Disco? (I get that impression from my reading, but I could be wrong.)

Is there such a thing as a place you sometimes find in the U.S. with a band or piano player to dance less youth-oriented slow dances to, in London? (I've heard of them I think, but I'm confused.) Would young people ever like that sort of thing and go there, or would that be considered very unusual?

Sorry for the vagueness of the questions. And I don't need a specific place, just a general idea of what's available and appropriate.
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Three unrelated questions

I'm such a fan of this comm; a wealth of random information. =3

Anyway, I have three questions:

1. Fruit seasons. Now, I used to grow apple and pear trees but that was well over ten years ago and now I've managed to forget their seasons. Can anyone tell me when they are in season and when they aren't? If anything, can you direct me to a site that would supply that info? I'm not looking for months really, just the general season.

2. I've been around horses most of my life but for some reason, I'm blanking on this one bit of info. I think it's because . . . well, I've never had an old horse. Anyway, would an older, black horse go a bit gray around the fetlocks and muzzle? I can't remember if they retain their full color or not. I think they fade a bit, but like I said, I'm blanking at the moment.

3. Sunset. Approximately how long does it take for the sun to slip completely past the horizon? I'm talking from the moment it's halfway past that line to full night. Well, not full night, just darkness. I tried to measure the time when I got off work tonight but I had to stop at the grocery store to pick up some things so I know it's less than an hour. *snickers*

Anyway, any and all help is appreciated.
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Terms of endearment

Hey--I was wondering if any of you guys had any ideas for terms of endearment in any of the following languages: French, Polish, Russian, Italian, and English-English (all of the UK). I'm looking for names that people would call their friends, spouses, or kids. Anything you guys have would help me out a lot!
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Gym teacher training

My character is a gym teacher (who turns into a werewolf...). How do you become one in the US? Is it a college education? Another kind? Would you have to do a kind of entrance examination, or have good PE grades?

What does a gym teacher on a primary school make? How well could you live off the salary of a gym teacher with 3-5 years experience in a middling big American city? Apartment, little car? Holidays? Or more the scrimping and saving thing?

Thanks in advance!
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Boston colleges

Are there any universities in or around Boston that have the reputation of being sort of second- or third-tier schools? Not necessarily bad per se, but just pretty mediocre across the board? Not really not very discriminating in their admissions policies, middle of the road academically, that sort of thing.
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(no subject)

Working on an OS, need some basic facts before I start working on a character...

How young can can a journalist be if she/he was working for a well known newspaper? How much schooling does she/he have to have? If she/he just got the job straight from college, what kind of assignments would she/he be given?

Thanks in advance, guys.
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Do housewives that don't work file taxes? If that wife also receives money from her family or has a hefty inheritance? If she does file, would it be more common that she'd to it independently or, if possible, jointly?