February 13th, 2005

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I'm having a lot of problems finding any information about bardic/minstrel/skaldic behavior and group practise (contests for preference). Google is clogged with SCA and game reference, and three library catalogues have produced only two articles that are only vaguely related. I need help, as my due date is running up soon. Would anyone possibly be able to direct me in the way of articles or books on the subject? It would be _greatly_ appreciated.
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Present Day Rome

I'm writing a story set in Rome and would appreciate any personal observations from those who've been there. Some things to make it more real. All I know is traffic is bad.

What are the bad sections of town?
Are there quiet places away from everybody?

Really, any details appreciated. And when I get more into the story, there may be more pointed questions.
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British hospitals

Can anyone help me out with information about hospitals in Britain?

I have a character who has been beaten and taken to a hospital unconscious. I'm an American, and as this story takes place in London, I need to get some information about British hospitals, and how the process goes. First of all, I need to know how she'd be admitted, and how she would be attended afterward. Someone told me that in Britain there are wards rather than private rooms, but would this be the case for severe injuries as well? This character's injuries are not immediately life-threatening, but she is unconscious and likely to remain that way for a while.

(In case it matters, her injuries would be reasonably mild for a beating, but since her attack was also partially magical, I'm going to use that to explain away her unconsciousness. She needs to be incommunicado for some time, but not in such danger that she would be operated on immediately.)

Is someone present around the patients at all times, or are they ever left alone? What is the visitation policy around a person admitted without any identification? If someone came along claiming to be related, would they have to provide proof? I've had relatively small experience with hospitals even in the States, so every bit of information I can get would help tremendously- descriptions of hospital procedures, hospital staff and duties, as well as physical descriptions of the hospital itself would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!
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I need some basic information about guns - maybe a site describing the different types of guns that are available. For example, these are some of the questions I need answers to: Are pistols different from hand guns? Are rifles different from shotguns? Which guns take clips of ammunition vs individual bullets? How many rounds of ammunition are in various types of clips? Which types of guns are used for which purposes?

Any help in finding a website with the answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated.

Two unrelated questions...

Could someone describe the layout for The Troubadour and House of Blues, both in Los Angeles? I'm hoping that one of them has space for dancing; if not, I'll have to invent some performance space that does and it won't be as satisfactory. (Lending artistic verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative and all that, you know)

My other question- how long was the average tour of duty in Viet Nam? The character in question is known to have served two tours of duty and I need to get the timing on that. What happened while he was there is irrelevant to the story, but I have to know how old he'd have been when he got back and I can't figure that until I know how long he was there. (He was NOT a POW. Despite what TV likes to claim, not everyone who served in Viet Nam got captured and/or went nuts afterward.)
Boy Meets World- True Friends

What do you get when you...

All right, so here is the deal...

Somehow I managed to have Michelle Pfeiffer and Orlando Bloom together. (Actually she plays my Catwoman and he plays Legolas, and don't get me started how I managed to do that TWICE with TWO different things.)

Anyway...long story short, Which Actor would you get after you cross this with this


1. Boy
2. Blonde (Either Straight or Curly)
3. Thin (not too built or anything)
4. Having somewhat of an elf like look about him.

This actor right here is what I came up with.

If you are interested in the actuality of it all then I will tell you, but I need a grown up actor to play thier son, like now! Thank you for helping!
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