February 12th, 2005

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Not sure where to ask this, so I thought I'd pop in here at random:

Does anyone know where I could find an image of commercial-style double doors that aren't sliding doors, preferably at a front angle and relatively close? Like, the front doors to, say, Office Depot? I'd go take one myself but I'm not sure how they'd take that. =P
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Your Friendly Neighborhood Demonic One-stop Shop...

Not sure if this question quite fits this community, as its more creative/speculative than fact orientated, but...

One of my characters (a vampire) has come into possession of a small grocery store, and is in the process of converting it into a sort of Wal-mart for the Demon community.

I've come up with a few things she could stock (listed below) but do need to fill those shelves.

Any ideas as to what sort of things a non-human might enjoy having in his/her/its life, but have trouble getting, either because he/she/it can't exactly walk into the local mall, or because the mall wouldn't really carry it?

Any additions to the list of demon types ('Demon' meaning in traditional "I cast thee out!" sense, as well as mythical, legendary and B-movie creatures) the would also be welcomed (Or reading suggestions). I've read every damn thing on the subject I can find, but I'm sure I missed some good one.

Breeds I'm working with (not counting any of my originals):
- Acheri
- Bakechochin
- Buruburu
- Jersey Devil
- Hobgoblin
- El Chipinera
- Manticore
- Spring-heeled Jack.
- Vampire
- Werewolf
- Kappas
- Kelpies

List of products so far:
- High impact running shoes(for Spring-heeled Jacks).
- Whole goat carcasses (El Chipineara).
- Various types of blood, including cow, pig, ferret, deer, goat, monkey and – in limited quantities – human.
- Binding charms, as well as chains (werewolves)
- Nose-rings (Minotaur
- Herbs, various animal parts, oils, runes, etc (for spell-casting)
- Cucumbers
- Sharp things
- Horn wax
- Calligraphy kits
- Silver-free fine silver
- Strange/gross food deli

(This story will be posted at http://www.livejournal.com/~thebandogges)

Burning alive

Only 1000 words in and already my characters are doing things I didn't expect - in this case, getting burned at the stake.

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For some reason all I'm finding with google is sites about spontaneous human combustion, forest fires and country and western music.

canadian orphans - and anorexia

Under what circumstances might a pair of Canadian twins, taken by social services when they were infants, be separated? (If it makes a difference, they're in Montreal.)

I need to write it in such a way that makes them unaware of each other's existance. The male twin runs away at 12, but by that age if he were told of/knew of a sister I'm sure he wouldn't just forget about it; he would seek her out and refuse to leave her. But if they were split up when they were very young (I'm thinking before ages 5-6, ideally as infants) it's possible they might not remember each other.

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birds [enriana]
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I'd be very grateful if anyone new of a species of bird that has all the following characteristics:

i) is a songbird
ii) flies erratically
iii) is native to England/had migrated there by the early 18th century

Does a swallow fit those specifications? Any other suggestions?
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Hi everyone! I posted this question in my journal and two others for Nanowrimo. and two different folks said this was the place to ask my question.

What's it like to use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire? Is it easy to follow the directions on it? Hard to manipulate while you're panicking about the fire? What does it smell like? How bad was the mess afterwards?

Thank you.