February 11th, 2005

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What's the name of the artist/painting where it's a man with a bull's head, and it's supposed to be about some kind of revolution? It's supposed to be a really famous Spanish painting, and the proportions on it are all weird, or something. My friend and I are racking our brains trying to figure it out, but we've got nothing.
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What's this painting?

Someone posted a question about a piece of artwork, and that reminded me of something that's been bugging me for months:

It's a painting of a woman/girl. She's sitting on a field of grass (or maybe wheat) and her back is to us. If I recall correctly, she's looking towards a house or a barn. Or maybe a 7-11.

A family friend had it in her house and it always fascinated me as a kid. I know it's a pretty well-known piece of art, so I'm sure someone will get it quickly -and- then I'll feel really stupid for not knowing it. Thanks.

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I see this photo every time I go to Red Robin, but I have no idea what its called and I can't find it via google.

It's a black and white photo of a guy skiiing through (I think) London on ice blocks while being towed by a car. I recall seeing it on Ripley's once that it was part of an ad campaign, but that's all I have. Any one know?
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Getting meds from the US

I know this sounds utterly backward from the normal situation, but imagine for a second there was a Canadian who needed to go about getting prescription drugs from the US (actually, because they're only available there for the sake of this little story).

How would one go about doing that? Can a Canadian doctor write a script that's valid in a US pharmacy? Is there some sort of mail order thing that could arranged?

Thanks for any info!
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Information about a fairytale

I'm looking for the name of a fairytale, or at the least a site with information about it. Unfortunately, I can only give a vague description of it. Sorry.

I know that there is a girl who lives on a farm (cottage?). One day a bear knocks on her door, asking for her hand in marraige. Her father agrees, because I think the bear offers money, and the girl is taken to the bear's master. The girl doesn't get to see the master's face, even on the wedding night, in the dark bedroom. He warns her never to try to look at his face. Weeks pass and she gets curious, one day lighting a match to see his face. My memory is fuzzy after this, but I know he vanishes and she quests to find him again.

Thanks in advance.


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So you all are brilliant, and that is why I am here.

What sort of gruesome things could be given to someone in the form of something socially acceptable?

Mostly to deal with the human body, as the character in question is a typical 'mad scientist' who does experiments on living patients.

I was thinking something set in jewelry, but I'm not sure exactly what. I remember reading a chapter of Black Jack wherein the liver secreted some substance to cover a foreign object (like an oyster and a pearl), but I have no idea whether that's actually scientifically accurate or even what it is called.


Does anyone know the name of a really dry white wine? I'm a bit of a wine dunce as I tend to buy what's on offer so any help gratefully received!
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not quite a fairy tale

I seem to remember a children's book I read as a first grader that I always want to think is called East of the Sun and West of the Moon but is not the story described in a previous post.

As I recall, there were two suns in this story, a blue sun and a red sun. When the red sun was up, everyone was a person. When the blue sun came up, however, everyone became an animal. (Or maybe it was the other way around.) Except, one girl had to remain human during the other sun, and she hated being different. So she decided to go on a journey to visit some guy in the desert who was dangerous but could possibly help her. I forget what exactly happened, but she had to do something/agree to something/enter some kind of bargain with him, and he somehow made it so she could be a bird during the blue sun. He chased her or something but she got away and went home. It was during the blue sun, so she was a bird, and her family didn't know it was her, so she stayed with them. When she turned back into a human during the red sun everyone was all happy.

Anybody have a clue as to what it is? I'm pretty sure I didn't halluncinate this one up.
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Child custody laws.

I am writing a book set in Georgia, and I need to know some things about custody that I can't seem to find anywhere. Everything I've googled deals with which parent gets custody in divorce cases and so on, but my characters' parents are dead.

Situation: There are six children in a family, two older and the product of the father's first marriage, four MUCH younger and the product of his second. Both the father and the mother of the four younger children die in an accident, and one of their older half-siblings (we'll call her M) gets custody. After a year or two, M's full brother (call him W) discovers that she is abusing them, whereupon he calls the police. M ends up in jail, and W gets custody.

Is it realistic for the childrens' older half-sister to get custody fairly easily after their parents die? And after she goes to jail for abuse, how hard would it be for her brother to get custody if he was clearly capable of taking care of them and they clearly wanted to live with him?

Finally, in my quest to post this here and ONLY here, I also managed to post it in my own journal and another community. Lo, I am stupid.