February 9th, 2005

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And another question, totally unrelated to the last few.

What type of colouring would an albino person who would otherwise have had fairly dark colouring have? (E.g. someone with one dark-skinned and one light-skinned parent.) Would it be the stereotypical white/blond hair, pink eyes and white skin, or something slightly different?
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Chinese cultural differences

I'm working on an urban fantasy story set on an imaginary island republic off of the southern coast of China. About 70% of the population is Chinese in origin, so there's a lot of cultural overlap. The main character isn't Chinese, but several of the supporting characters are.

I'm looking for good websites that explain cultural differences--perhaps websites aimed at exchange students and business travelers. I'm particularly looking for info on things that would effect every day life, like how you treat strangers on the train and how you treat customers. And info that would stand out to a Westerner (particularly a Russian) or potentially cause misunderstanding (for example, differing attitudes towards eye contact).

Or, do you have any pet peeves when it comes to representing Chinese culture? Any common mistakes you see, besides the run-of-the-mill mystic grandpa stereotype?

I'll probably hunt down someone who's Chinese or at least knows a lot about China to beta-read, but I'd rather not make mistakes in the first place.

P.S. I love you guys. You're so helpful.
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Need help with roadside attractions.

It's me again! I just love this group, you learn the most interesting things!

Okay so I'm sending my characters on a road trip, from Los Angeles to Toronto. I'm looking for roadside attractions. You know, Stuckey's, Valentine diners, Drive-ins, the Amazing two-headed snake, exhibition coal mines, things like that.

Tourist stuff where you buy stupid tee shirts or bumper stickers. I know they'll be going through Las Vegas but after that they can take side roads and detours to have some fun. So if you're anywhere between those two places and you know of something fun, please let me know.

Thanks ever so much for the help!
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Zoroastrianism and Marriage

I solemnly swear that I have literally spent the last three days on Google looking for this information and I'm hoping, with the vast wealth of knowledge of the people in this community, that someone can help me.

The fandom has no real time period (and there's definate elements of a fantasy/fairytale-like alternative universe), but I'm trying to place it solidly in the Persian Empire around 400 BC. I have a character that, though it is never explicitly mentioned in the canon, would have most certainly practiced Zoroasterianism. Though I've found lots of information on the ancient origins of the religion and the current movement and beliefs, I cannot find anything that would answer the following:

1. My character is the direct heir to the Persian throne. Might he be able to have multiple wives/a harem? Would this have even been allowed taking into consideration that he practiced Zoroasterianism?
2. Another canon given is that this character slept with the woman he intends to marry. Would there be a dire need to hide this fact? It's probably an important fact to note that this woman is sort of a creature of supernatural origin, so she's got no parents/relatives.

I appreciate any information that you have. I really want to get this right.
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Romany phrases

I need a couple of phrases in Romany (the gypsy language), IE, the ones that would actually be used, or if not, at least passing translations of the actual phrase. (There's an encyclopedia turned up on Google, but I'm looking for actual phrases, not just putting the words in.)

The first would be something like "Catch me if you can". The other would be something along the lines of "Seeya, cute stuff", spoken in a cocky way from a girl to a boy. (If it matters. n.n)

Musical questions

1) Back in the early to mid-1990s, there was a big swing jazz revival in the States, at least in the part of the Midwest where I lived. Does anyone recall a more specific time frame for it than "back in the 90s sometime," and was it a nationwide thing or just us being dorky little farm kids?

2) In the late 80s or early 90s, were there any weird, sort of underground jazz groups who may have been a big draw at clubs without making much of an impression on the recording scene?

3) One of my characters has told me that she's crazy about rockabilly music and what she keeps describing to me as "honky tonk, roadhouse kind of stuff" (whatever that means). I think the closest I've ever come to listening to rockabilly is Credence Clearwater Revival. And, um, I've at least heard the Doors' "Roadhouse Blues" and the Stones' "Honky Tonk Women," if those are at all representative of an actual genre of music. Anyone name me any specific bands that she might be listening to?

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I've some queries regarding the British (English, specifically) Social Services, and child protection in particular.

My character is a single young (SHO on the emergency ward) male physician, who wants to foster a six year old child. Of course his job means he gets to work long hours at inconvenient times, so how much would you give for his chances of becoming a foster parent?

I understand that it takes between six and nine months to qualify as a foster carer in the UK, so have been looking for alternative procedures, since they don't have that much time (there seems to be a shortage of foster carers though; does anyone know how long this has been the situation in the UK?) As far as my research goes, it seems that the county court can issue a Care Order settling parental responsibility with the county, and once that is done issue a Residence Order concerning where the kid is going to stay.

The tricky thing is that I have no idea whether the procedure was like this before the 1989 Children Act.   

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Street Drugs circa 1985-1990

Hi! I'm looking for info about the effects of various drugs that might have been popular in the late eighties. Anybody have any links to good resource sites? I've googled, but mostly end up with information about drugs that are popular now. Thanks in advance!

ETA: Wow--you guys are quick! I'm actually looking for something that'll cause a pretty specific set of effects in the characters; unfortunately, coke won't suit. But thanks all! :)

Drinks Names

Okay, so I'm posting as a non-native English speakers who deson't have the slightest idea of where to even start looking ...

One of my upcoming fics will take place motsly in a club that's gonna be quite popular (totally invented and supposed to be all-male and both a bar and actual club for dancing and meeting people, but anyway ...).
I know, from readin quite a lot of fictions online up to now, that some coktails and drinks happen to have very appropriate sexy names for places like these, like Blowjobs and Sex on the Beach ...

What I am looking for is if possible a list of those names, and what goes into each drink; I was afraid of googling that because I was quite sure that I would end up with lots of unrelated page. I'd appreciate any help, be it direct info or a link to a site that would have that kind of info.

Thanks a lot!

[EDIT : Thanks to everyone wo replied, I got good grounds to begin hunting now!]
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Comas, wars, etc.

1.) Character A has been in a coma for a year or two, but has recently come out of it. What type of rehab would she need to go through? How long would it take before she's able to resume her life pre-coma (medium-strenuous physical activity, eating, etc.)? I'm also wondering what sort of psychological adjustments a coma patient would have to make, once they wake up -- how do they catch up with all the time that they've missed, how do they adjust? The story takes place in quote-unquote modern times, so anything medical would have to date from the late 1990s onward. My Google-fu is apparently not up to par, so any help would be lovely.
[edit: *facepalm* I am one of the uneducated masses, sorry. This is for a not-very-realistic fandom, so I figure I don't have to be too accurate either -- so given minimal brain damage, how might this person function, is a better way to rephrase the question, maybe?]

2.) Unrelated to the above: I've got two countries that have been locked in a land dispute for several generations (country X and country Z are fighting over island Y). I would like to read up on actual historical wars that have lasted for years & years on end, and how it was resolved, et cetera so I can steal things, but I have no idea where to start looking. Suggestions?

3.) Totally unrelated to the above: Character B is a man in his mid/late twenties in Japan, and well-off financially (or takes pains to appear so). What brand of cigarettes would he be buying?

Thanks. :D