February 8th, 2005

Education/Language after Prolongued Slavery

Maybe I can get my book done if I get these questions answered.

Background: The character in question was kidnapped at age four from a small chain of islands in what would be our Pacific. She was a house slave until the age of eleven, when she is found and freed via the legal system. She is extremely intelligent for her age, but is somewhat stunted educationally from not having any formal education. She only went to a public school once in her life, when her owner wanted to throw off the authorities by making her look adopted, at about 4th grade.


1: Her island country has its own unique language that she has been speaking for longer than she's been speaking English. Would she be able to retain any basic knowledge of the language--such as a few idioms, sparse vocabulary, and some childish terms--and be able to pick it back up later if she began to speak it with someone older than her who speaks fluently?

2: Could she self teach herself anything after her stint in public school? things like basic math and reading--nothing complex. I'm hoping she could work herself to a passable 5th or 6th grade level.

3: How would she be tested to determine what grade she should be placed in, if at all? Just basic comphrehension tests or what?
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Greek insults

I am in need of some insults in Greek. A male character is insulting a female character (insulting her intelliegence basically), and neither of them are native Greek speakers (they're British) but they are both huge nerds and are basically one-upping each other. The man says the woman doesn't know Greek, and the woman needs to fire off some insults in Greek just to be obnoxious. Anyone out there know Greek? :D
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foster care in the states

So I have a vague idea of how the foster care system works, but I still have a question.

Let's say a foster family takes in someone, they all settle down and things are going nicely. For some reason or another, the family decides to move to another state. Some time later, something happens and the foster kid is taken out of the home. Would he be sent back to the original state he was from, or would the social work system in the state he now lives in take over? More specifically... if he was convicted of petty theft or something, would he be sent to a juvenile facility in the state he was originally from or the one where the crime occurred? And if it's the second, after he's let out, would he stay in that state or be sent back?

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A little bit of Physics integration

I've been given this role of "Structural Engineer" in Physics class and I have to:

1) Find out if the physical damages noted in a particular community may be largely attributed to structural design of the buildings and houses


2) Suggest ways to improve building structure that will withstand sonic booms.

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks!
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(no subject)

A few more questions, leading on from my last two.

(I decided to stick with the character having a punctured lung, but change it slightly so that the other characters don't find her until it's too late and she's already dying.)

1. How much would a stab-wound of this type bleed externally? (Especially after moving around for about half an hour afterwards.)

2. Would it be physically possible to pull a knife out of your own back, if it was high enough up to pierce your lung?

3. Aside from an increasing difficulty in breathing, presumably coughing up blood, and eventual death, what other effects would this kind of injury have? (Things caused by the blood loss, for example...)

(As you can most likely tell, I don't often write characters getting violently killed, so apologies for all the probably stupid questions!)
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Video stores in London

Okay, what are some places to rent movies in London? Chains, independant places, Blockbuster, whatever. And what-abouts do these places charge to rent a new release?

And any other details you might think of pertaining to the vedio rental industry in the UK, though I'm assuming that it's pretty much mostly the same everywhere.

Edit: Which is least expensive or has like, a really good deal, like rent one get one free or rent two movies and get a bucket of popcorn or something like that. Though I'll probably take some poetic liscense.
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Lacerations, etc...

Right, so, character A somehow manages enough force to punch/crash his hand through a car window. I know, I know. It's safety glass, so obviously it completely shattering isn't a huge issue, but aside from that, what sort of damage can be expected?

I'm assuming heavy bleeding, but would nerve/muscle damage be a possibility?

Say the character doesn't make any real attempt to stop the bleeding (he has a shirt wrapped around his arm) for several minutes after the window incident. What effect would this have?

When the bleeding is finally stopped (with attempts to stop it starting about fifteen minutes in,) what situation would he find himself in? When taken to the hospital (he might get there 30-45 minutes after the initial impact) would any sort of stay be necessary? Assuming he passes out from shock/bloodloss, what kind of treatment would occur?

Thanks for any help.
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