February 6th, 2005

Israeli "coast guard"?

Do they have any sort of Coast Guard equivalent? Or is that handled by the army or the police? Any information about what kind of boats/helicopters would be involved would be good too.

I need some info about Israeli hospital procedures too, especially when it comes to admitting injured tourists.

British Words

Do British people use the expression "elevenses" for the mid-morning coffe or tea break? And is that the way to spell it?

As always, thanks for any help.
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Gaelic Phrases

Hi all!

I'm looking for a decent site to get a few Gaelic phrases for a fic. So far the only ones I've found are a little confusing in the way they are laid out.

Specifically I'm looking for a word, phrase, whatver for Liam to say to William that calls him love or tells him I love you.

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Hotel California

Would it be plausible for high school kids to be able to perform The Eagles' "Hotel California" and perform it well? Guitar and percussion are instruments I don't know much about, so I don't know the level of difficulty that the guitar and percussion parts in "Hotel" are, much less what the average high school student's level of performance is. Also, in the lyrics, there's a mention of 1969 ("So I called up the Captain/Please bring me my wine/He said/We haven't had that spirit here since 1969"). Does anyone know what event in 1969 it alludes to?

penguin say tea?, Tea! Penguin! (doyle on JF)

Disease required

Hullo all, new to the group. This gets kind of vague and complicated, so please bear with me here.

I'm planning a House fanfic involving a disease engineered for offensive/black-market weapons purposes. Essentially, a woman walks into the clinic with certain symptoms that, at first, would raise no alarms, and seem easily treatable: the doctor sends her home with a diagnosis and a prescription, but it gets worse, and a few days later she's near death.

Obviously, the actual disease would be fictional, something invented for the purposes of the story. What I need is something that fits the apparent symptoms, in two stages:
-the first, non-life-threatening diagnosis
-a second diagnosis, fitting the advanced symptoms

Basically, two diseases of varying severity that fit the same symptoms, and could also plausibly be caused by a virus or other disease specifically engineered to kill.

What these symptoms actually are is flexible; I'm thinking rash, maybe localized pain at first, but really anything goes. I've tried looking at medical databases, but the problem is I don't even know where to
start. I was thinking that it could be something that appears genetic/inherited at first, but again, I'm not wedded to the idea.

I apologize for the excessive vagueness of this post, but I really don't have the first clue what I'm talking about, or how to go about searching for it. Any suggestions on where to look, or what to look for, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly.
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Questions about 1930s NY

I'm working on an original story and need some info ...

Did the average working woman (not a sex worker, or actress, or singer) wear any kind of make-up? The character is a widow who works as a low status journalist. I know that make-up had social meaning related to sexual availibility and so forth, would a 'good girl' wear any?

Any names of NY newspapers of the 1930s?
Kimbley- BOOBIES!

Two nice, cheery questions. (Hah.)

1. If someone had their hand pinned to a flat, horizontal surface (e.g. a table) using a knife, how much permanent damage would they be expected to incur?
(Assume they were too shocked/afraid to struggle much.)

2. (This second question is probably easiest to explain in context...)
A character has been stabbed in the back. The blade's punctured her lung; she's dying and in considerable pain. It's obviously too late to save her, so another character decides to put her out of her misery, as it were. Considering the only weapons to hand are the knife she was stabbed with, her own pistol and the other character's sword, what would be the quickest (and preferably least painful) way of killing her?
(The other character may also possibly be strong enough to break her neck, so that's another option. In addition, it would be good plot-wise if the character's body remained fairly intact, although I can probably work round that if needed!)
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fiction is truth too.

Question for all you 19th-century European history buffs out there.

How believable would it be to have a pair of British sailors wandering about the streets of Napoleon-era France? I mean, I don't imagine that Brits were altogether barred from France during that period, despite the on-again/off-again/pretty much constant warfare going on between the two at the time, but...sailors? When the British and French fleets were engaged in a death match for oceanic supremacy, and Trafalgar was still fresh in everybody's memories? If I need to adjust this by a couple decades, i.e. move the setting on down to, say, the mid-nineteenth-century, that's not a problem--I'd rather err on the side of historical accuracy.

Also, how realistic would it be for the captain of a frigate 4th-class to attend the Acadèmie Royale de Musique with his navigator in tow? Again, I'm not married to the particulars of this idea, I just need my second character to be subordinate to the captain, but of sufficiently high rank that it wouldn't seem weird that he accompanies him to the opera.

Thanks in advance, any/all help is much appreciated.
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Thanks in Advance.

I'm working on a Speed Racer fic for a friend, and ran into some trouble.

Say the driver ran off course during a race out in a desert area. His car flipped over a few times and landed upside down. Now, assuming the driver is still alive and has regained consciousness, what kind of condition would he be in? Would he have a concussion (and how would that affect his ability to think), what kind of injuries would he have and where, and how long could he survive being trapped upside down? What kind of damage would the car have that he could see from the inside? Is there any other common complication (car exploding, life threatening injury, etc.) that I should keep in mind?
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Atlanta Establishments in 1991

Help, por favor. For my novel, I need information from Atlanta circa 1991. Specifically, I need to know:

1. The name of a bar that the kids from Emory or from Oglethorpe would go to for drinks.
2. The name of a gay club that kids from Emory or from Oglethrope might attend.

Both need to have been open and operating in Atlanta for sure during the summer of 1991. Any help would be seriously appreciated! :)
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Concerning alcohol

What brands of gin are cheaply and readily available in England, as well as the US? I've got a British character who's been a transplant in California for a few years, and is feeling nostalgic. Even better if it's not a particularly good brand. X3
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