February 3rd, 2005

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"Please, don't hurt me" in as many languages as possible

Do you know any languages? I'm looking for the phrase "please, don't hurt me" in as many languages as possible. I could just use a dictionary on this one, but the problem is that I want it to be grammatically correct too...

These are the ones I have:
* Please, don't hurt me (English, duh!)
* Vær sød ikke at gøre mig noget (Danish)
* Snälla, skada mig inte! (Swedish)
* Vær så snill, ikke skad meg (Norwegian)
* Por favor, no me hagas daño (Spanish)
* S'il te plait, ne me fait pas de mal(French)
* Bitte tun Sie mir nicht weh (German)
* Onegai, rambou shinaide (Japanese)
* Na dae-ryuh-gi ma-say-yoh (Korean)
* Doe me alstublieft geen pijn (Dutch)
* Mildheortnes! (Old English = mercy)
* Älä satuta minua [Älä satuta mua] (Finnish)
* Qing bu beihai wo. [ching boo bay-high wuo] (Mandarin Chinese)
* Не трогайте меня, не надо! [Ne trogaite menya, ne nado!] (Russian)
* Пожалуйста, не бейте меня [Pozahluista, ne beite menya] (Russian too)
* Oro ne me laedas (Latin)
* Tolong, jangan cederakanku! (Malay)
* Mi me pligosete sas parakalo (Greek)
* Proszę, nie rób mi krzywdy (Polish)
* Ti prego, non farmi male (Italian)
* Bevakasha al tifgah be (Hebrew, male assailant)
* Bevakasha al tifge-ee be (Hebrew, female assailant)
* Pakiusap, huwag mo akong sasaktan (Filipino/Tagalog)

Know some other languages? Want to correct some grammar?

Height in gymnastics

In a non-professional gymnastics program (say, a middle school or high school team, light competiton), would height be extremely regulated--that is, students over a certain height would not be allowed on the team? Also, were gymnasts ever taller than they are now at any point in gymnastics history, and would they do well at all? I'm trying to develop a team, but I'd rather not have a bunch of super tiny gymnasts. (It disturbs me on a great level, hence my trying to avoid it.)
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Cajun names

Can anyone clue me into daily life in New Orleans? Especially the night life and any real popular clubs? Also, what are some popular Cajun names and how would you pronounce Boudreaux?

Thanks a lot!
Cheshire Botan

(no subject)

I need to have a woman in mid-ninteenth century America poison her husband. What could she use that could cause death in a short time after being drunk in coffee?

- She lives on the East Coast

- She doesn't care if the death looks natural.

Thanks in advance.
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Hammer to the skull

I have tried Googling, but all the sites I get are too general and too focused on cure (for some reason ^_^).
My question is:
A character has been hit with considerable force on the back of the head with a regular hammer. He was sitting still, his assailant was on a motorbike. Would this kill him, and if so, would it kill him outright or only if he wasn't taken immediately to hospital? Presumably such a blow would be enough to shatter the skull. If it didn't kill him, would he be in a coma, or brain-damaged? Could he recover from this?
Thanks in advance, and apologies if it's already been covered - I did check the memories section, but couldn't see anything.

Edit: Thanks very much, everyone!
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government agencies and background checks

If someone spent a few years of their childhood in a psychiatric institution, would this come up in a background check if this person were to apply for a job with a government agency? Would it decrease his chances of getting the job at all? If he had been in the military in a Special Ops capacity, would they be willing to seal that part of his record or something, to ensure that no-one knew about his past, in return for his services?

Basically, I need to know if the character's immediate superior (the person who recruited him for the agency) would know about the institutionalisation.


Help The Geek


I'm playing with an idea for a fanfic in which a very old computer game plays setting and central role. It was originally made in 1980 (seriously), and it's titled Rogue: The Adventure Game. The object is to climb down a randomly created Dungeon of Doom and snatch the Amulet of Yendor . . . without dying. Although I've been trying, off and on, for fifteen years (not kidding), I've never beaten this game. The farthest I've ever gotten is Level 18. Bloody ur-viles.

I need some details on what the mazes are like in the lower levels and how to beat some of the beasts (like Dragons). Also, after getting the Amulet of Yendor do you have to climb all the way back out?

Thanks in advance,
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smoking Tommy

First post, and a question about burns

I'm writing a story where one of the main characters got trapped in a fire about 14 years ago, and suffered quite bad burns all down the left side of his body (facial scarring, left hand and forearm, plus random others) along with airway burns.

What I'm looking for are websites that would explain how the burns feel now. I've found plenty of sites that are all about treating burns that are recent occurences, but it's not what I'm looking for, which is... uhm. I guess it's living with burns?

Oh, and it's for a fairytale type story, so there are no modern medicines to be used.

Any help would be fantastic. Ta muchly. :D
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