February 1st, 2005

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Question regarding schools in the US on 9/11/01

A story I am writing revolves around a military brat who's attending high school in the Midwest during the early 2000s.

What did schools in the Central and Mountain time zones do after the attacks in Washington and New York on 9/11? Were they closed? Were military bases closed up? Could a teenager leave, or would they be stuck on base until the ThreatCon went down?

I was in Washington, DC, that day, so I'm afraid I wasn't paying much attention to what the rest of the country was doing.
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Military Funeral Flag Presentation

Quick question from a long time watcher but list newbie:

While I can find a lot of info on military funerals in general, and have attended a couple, I can't find this. Can someone tell me the exact wording (or if there is no exact wording, the average wording) spoken to the next of kin when the folded flag is presented to them? the "for service to the country" grateful bit.

I'm good to go on generalisms and ceremony, just need the verbage. Thanks. If there's already a post regarding this, let me know and I'll get this outta the way. ^_^
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Suicide and other joyful occasions

I have returned, and this time with questions actually pertaining to a work of fiction!

1) Let's say that a person attempts suicide by slitting their wrists. If they were to slice vertically, yet were found in a relatively short time after the cuts were made, could they survive? What is the procedure for dealing with an attempted suicide victim in the hospital? Where would they be sent, in regards to hospital departments? I'm guessing they would have bandages on their arms. Would they have extra watch over their room?

2) Let's say that a person attempts suicide by jumping off of the roof of a building. From what height could a person jump and still manage to live? If someone noticed in enough time, could they quickly put together some sort of make-shift cushion? Could an innocent bystander catch a falling person realistically, and from what height would the jumping person have had to jump from for this to work?

My character has issues. Thank you for any help.

Geography/climate question

Hi. Stupid question here.

I have two places in my fandom that I'm not sure about as to how to represent. Both are near a desert, the first place between around three or four days on horseback from it, and the second around a day on a steam locomotive. I'm not sure about the vegetation in the first, but the flora in the second looks remarkably like those found in temperate regions.

The question is, what are the chances of those places having snow in winter, if a place that has roughly the same latitude as them but rather different longitudes does snow, and what kind of vegetation/climate should they have? (The first one is a....rain front, being located next to a sea) Average temperature? Length of seasons? I live very far away from either deserts or snow, and geographic/climatic modeling is not exactly my forte. ^^;;;

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Two wedding-related questions. Firstly, could someone possibly give me/link me to details about a typical Japanese wedding?

Also, does anyone have any idea how a wedding in the medieval times could have been conducted?

Oh, and any details on the dress would be greatly appreciated, too.

Thanks in advance!