January 31st, 2005

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cooking on a charcoal grill

I have two related questions about grilling, cooking on a charcoal grill. (It needs to be charcoal, not gas.)

1) What would be a typical mistake for someone grilling for the first time -- no, not putting too much lighter fluid on it so the flames whoosh up! A mistake that would mean the coals aren't getting hot as quickly, or the meat isn't cooking as quickly, or the like.

2) What hint would an experienced griller give that would make things much better for the novice? A Secret of Grilling.


ETA: thanks a lot! You've given me a lot of choices, things to consider. :-)
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Complicated legal question

Okay, this one's a doozy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All right: my character is a 17-year-old girl who's a freshman in college in Berkeley. Her only living relative is her grandmother, who raised her, and who is still living in their house in Los Angeles. The problem is, the grandmother has Alzheimer's and can't really take care of herself anymore. What's are the legal options open to the girl? Would it be possible for her to:

1. Take over the grandmother's assets (rightfully hers by inheritance);
2. Place her grandmother in full-time care;
3. Sell the house;
4. And put herself through college with the remainder?

What legal steps would she have to go through? How long would this take? How much would she be able to do from Berkeley, and how much would have to be taken care of directly from L.A.? Does the fact that this takes place in 1990, not 2005, make any difference?

I know this is super complicated. Thanks again for any advice you can offer.
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Owch! Serious injuries...

Thanks so, so much to everyone who helped out with the last one. I only wish I could return the favour.

Okay. Just the one question today.
My lead character has a very painful start to his story.
I'm trying to figure out what level of injury he can sustain without - you know - actually dying. He loses an arm to laser fire in his introduction, but receives a lot more punishment shortly afterwards...
How long could he 'survive' (brain-survival as much as anything; the guy's intended to end up a cyborg) with his heart stopped/destroyed and lung damage, initially at a normal outdoor type temperature? What organs could he survive very-short-term without them working? Blood loss from injuries isn't so much of an issue, as the laser fire he's been under would presumably cauterize the wounds... but apart from that, I don't know how bad he could have it.

Thank you times one million... ^^
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elective film courses in colleges/universities in Tokyo

i need to know what types of film courses are available to students not majoring in film at any college or university in the Tokyo area. the type of course a normal college student would be able to take as an elective if, say, he or she is majoring in something totally unrelated to film. you know, a core class. and preferably a film class that would actually have you working with making films as opposed to, say, film theory. it's okay if it's a normal film class that might require a hands-on project that the student actually films himself or herself.
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(no subject)

Hi, I'm new here (thanks to dropsofgleam who shown me this community!)

And I have a question:

I want to write some Heero/Duo deathfic one-shot, despite the plot of this fic is rather dumb/cliché (in my opinion), but I still want to write it, and have all the same something... plausible.

I explain. (Rather complicated to read, english is not my first language, but I do my best.)
In this story, Heero will commit suicide because Duo died. (They were of course together for long in this story)
Heero thinks Duo died in a "dumb" manner, since he survived the war, blablabla, Shinigami, etc...
I thought having Duo dead by an cerebral accident (aneurysm), since this is an unexpected and often irreversible accident.

Is this cerebral accident a good idea, or shall I drop it and choose something else? (Like I've said, I want Duo's death something plausible and in a way 'dumb' in Heero's opinion, since after went through wars and all, he never died of them.)

Now I sound stupid. =P

I'm very sorry for the confusion this may be causing to you, this is a really dumb fic idea, yell at me if you want, but I all the same want some opinions. :)
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