January 30th, 2005

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Suicide and stabbing

I have the germ of an idea for a historical story about a real event. Basically, I'd like to know if it's possible for someone to commit suicide by stabbing themselves six times in the chest... Or would they become weak from loss of blood after just one stab, and lack the strength to stab further? The wound was possibly inflicted by a sword, but I'm not certain

Sorry about the gruesome question, but I haven't found a definitive answer in any history books I own. No-one seems to know much about the event - just that the man died and he left a suicide note that may or may not have been written under coercion.
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So, how long does it take someone to die of a sword slammed right through the middle of their chest?

I'd really like to have him stare accusingly at his attackers, or try to make a gesture or something, but I don't know how much time he has.

Okay, so his neck was just slashed right across the jugular- I've heard it would take a minute or two to die from that, and at the same instant, someone dropped down and rammed a sword through his chest.

Ignoring shock, how long would it take the wounds to kill him? Does he have seconds or a minute or so?
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Questions about California Weather.

A lot of the fan fiction I write takes place in Southern California, about two hours north of it. Does it ever rain in the summer or would that be really unusual?

Do you really need to wear a sweater or coat at all or only in winter?

Those of you who have watched Buffy will get why I'm asking. Because it's always seemed weird to me they'd be wearing coats and sweaters in California. Unless it's northern California but it's not.

Help, I'm confused!

Edit: Thanks for all the great info everyone, this community is just so great!
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Death Songs

I need the name of something that someone might sing in remembrance at a burial.

Not necessarily the name of a specific song but what they are called. I can't for the life of me remember and need it for an original fic.

The situation:

A friend was just struck by lightning and killed. Once the storm is over, the survivor plans on going out to a spot to sing a song from her people in benediction.

But what in heck are those type of songs called?!

Edit: Has anyone mentions how great this community is?! I got it now thanks!
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(no subject)

Hello, I'm writing a story about two children growing up in Harlem, New York. I have some questions about Harlem here:

1. What is the poorest neighborhood in Harlem? Richest?
2. What are the popular hangouts for teenagers?
3. What are some well-known restaraunts, clubs, etc. in Harlem?
4. What's the crime rate?
5. What are the statistics for race (for instance, I know African-Americans make up for most of the population in Harlem, but if anyone knows any percentages and whatnot, please post it.)
6. Do you know any websites with decent quality photos of Harlem?

Any help is deeply appreciated.
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