January 29th, 2005

Eyesight and Blushing.

How random can you get? I do try, I do.

Question 1) Is there any evidence or reason to think, or any popular myth, even, that people with different- colored eyes will see things differently? Likesay, if I look at a painting with my green eyes, and my friend looks at it with his brown eyes, are we seeing the same thing, or will there be subtle differences? I've always wondered this... Not for a story, really, but you're all such a brilliant group, I jut had to ask.

And now for the second, which is actually part of a story. This might sound a bit harsh but I don't know any way else to say it. Can black people blush? And how? What would it look like with that skin tone? I've written up to this point things such as "she felt her cheeks go hot" and whatnot, but I've never wanted to write pink cheeks, because I just don't know...

I am sure I thought of one more question just before sleep last night, but don't recall now. When I remember it, I'll post again.

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College IDs

I just have a quick question about college IDs. What information is actually on them? I know there's a photo of the student, and a picture, but is there anything else? Is the birthday included, or no?

Any information on this would be a great help.

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Calling all X-Philes!

This is actually for a mention in my senior thesis, but:

In an episode of the X-files, The Lone Gunmen show (Scully?) the "metal strip" in a $20 bill that the government can supposedly use to track money movements.

Can anyone name that episode? I need it for the citation as I'm using this as an example of RFID as portrayed in the media.


ETA: Got it! Thank you ever so much...I'm SURE my thesis will be better for it *LOL*

Question on swordfighting and injury

This is for a webcomic, actually.

One of the heroes is facing off against two armed thugs in a traditional fantasy setting. She has a sword and is moderatly skilleed in it. Her primary opponent is also armed with a sword. The other guy, who is currently menacing the hero's mage companion, has two daggers. Neither thug is too interested in killing the heroes -- they will only if they think the hero is too threatening to easily take down.

So, anyways, story calls for hero with the sword to be injured by one of these guys, preferably in a way that is serious enough to take her out of the fight for the most part, but not to serious that she either loses consciusness, can't be moved without further injury, or won't survive for the 10-15 minutes it will take for help to arrive and get her to a doctor.

EDIT: Magic exists in the setting, but it will just speed up healing times. The hero is lightly armored -- she has a leather vest and guards on her forearms.

Any ideas?
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Long time lurker and admirer of this community, finally coming to post..! I apologize for never contributing anything. I just don't happen to know anything. And of course, my first question's a weird one.

Ok. A person has no eyes, literally. They were cut whole, not gouged out. Would eyelids typically have been cut too? I don't know if that made anysense. I mean, having no eyes, would there still probably be eye lids (flesh connected to the flesh of the face afterall), just sort of.. hanging over hollow space, curving in not out? Wow, this is probably all really gross.

Further, would they be able to cry still? A friend of mine said yes, because the tear ducts are beneath the eyes, but I just wanted to make sure. Confirm for validity's sake.

Thanks in advance!