January 28th, 2005

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Resources for Tarot Card Readings

I have a character who's doing an (accurate)Tarot reading for a friend of her's and I have the instruction manual that came with my deck, but I was wondering if there were any good online sources for more detailed readins of the cards? Possibly also more lay-outs than just the Celtic Cross? I tried google but all the sites were more offering readings than information on doing your own. Any good links?

{ EDIT: Thanks all! I have a good number of suggestions now. ^_^}
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Handcuffs and Ice Cream

(yet surprisingly, not kinky)

Hi, I'm new here. And I need some help.

Okay, so, here's the set-up. Girl A is handcuffed to Guy B, her left wrist to his right, for perfectly innocent reasons we won't go into right now. Standard handcuffs. They're waiting on Guy C to show up with the key, and they're sharing Guy B's coat, so they're standing her back to his front. Got it so far?

I'm trying to figure out where the handcuffed arms would be. I get that somebody's arm is going to have to be across somebody's body, but I can't decide how would be most comfortable for both of them/least inappropriate--Girl A is like Guy B's little sister. Suggestions would be welcome.

Second question: According to Ben & Jerry's UK website, they sell 500 ml and 106 ml tubs in England. I am utterly, utterly hopeless at metric, so please don't mock me for asking the following stupid question: Which of these is closer to a pint?
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Heroin Addiction

I need some information on heroin addiction, symptoms, how you take the drug into your system, what the effects are, what withdrawal is like, and what the possible cures are (if any). Any websites, or just some basic information, would be useful. The character in question is sixteen years old, and has been using hard drugs for a little over a year now.

Thanks! This community rocks, by the way.This is my first time posting, but I love reading the questions and answers given here.

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(no subject)

I've seen it on several Britcoms and the like that it is aparently common practice in England to have parties where the women dress like men for the evening and the men like women. Do these parties have a name? (Like say, the "Tarts and Vicars" parties where the women dress as whores, and the men as clergy?)

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(no subject)

Hi! I need opinions against Netspeak for a monograph. Could you guys give me a hand? Almost all info I can gather from a book I have is subject to payment, and I can't afford it. Thank you!
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Canadian Beer and Belgian food

Two completely unrelated questions:

1. Canadian Beer. I need a beer that is common in Canada and known around the US as being Canadian.

2. Belgian food. I need a food (preferably breakfast, but dinner or desert is okay too) a man born in the late thirties or early forties would have eaten as a child in Belgium. Lives in America now, in his sixties/seventies, nostalgic for is mother's cooking, blah blah blah.

Thank you!
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Hi there

Hi, I am new.

Ok, so here is my question. What is that round couch called that you see in old hotels? Do you know what I mean? They have that raised center and then cushions that go all around. You will see it in "Angel" and other things.

Does anyone know? Thanks?
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Hi, guys. Love this community, have rather hairy (hur hur hur) question.

This is set in and around the Pirates of the Caribbean universe, so roughly in the 17th century, although looking at my history of costume books, it could also fit in the early 18th century. I got the feeling the movie makers weren't very consistent with the styles, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

My question is about wigs, of the short type that the Navy officers wore in the movie. First of all, is there any significance to Norrington wearing a brown wig/his own hair? in the beginning when a Lieutenant and a powdered white one as a Commodore? Is it a historical fashion development, a question of position, or just An Irrelevant Movie Thing?

Secondly, what happened to the real hair under the wig? Was it shorn, or left long? Would a man be seen without a wig, other than by his servants or close family?

If this was discussed before, or if you have any links, could you please point me that way? Thanks lots in advance.