January 27th, 2005

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"Motels" in Italy; Homosexuality in the British Military

This community is so valuable, and I hope that no one minds another post from me. These are two totally unrelated questions. I would very much appreciate any help.

Two characters, a man and a woman, are drinking in a bar in Italy (Rome probably, though I could change that for this purpose) at night, and they decide to go have sex. Where do they go? Are there anything like motels, and are they called motels? (I'm looking for an English word for whatever it is, unless there isn't one.) Do they have to show I.D.? Would anyone care these days that an unmarried couple are showing up without luggage in a rather obvious situation? Could the man go in and pay and just have the woman wait and bring her in later?

Thre should be a way to find this out, but I don't know where to start looking: I'm looking for the official and unofficial attitude toward homosexuality in the British military from around 1960 to 2000. A broad question, but I'm not looking for specifics or case law -- I just want to be able to make reference to how secretive a male soldier would have had to be about an affair with another man or about a non-heterosexual orientation.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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Parental Rights - father unaware of birth?

This is smiliar to the question below, but Google's not being helpful, and I'm hoping no one minds. xD

I have a RP character who recently discovered that he has a daughter. He (reluctantly) won permission from his ex to visit said daughter, but the ex isn't too keen on letting him have regular contact. What are his parental rights, if he still has any? (This is US law, btw)

Also, he doesn't intend on suing, but if it became necessary for him to gain guardianship, what would most likely happen? Would the following facts have any bearing on the case?

-His ex is an exotic dancer and he's an artist. Her income is higher than his, but he's able to support himself.
-The child is three, and right now being taken care of by his ex's stepmom.
-He was completely unaware of the existance of his child until his ex informed him. The moment she did, he went off to meet the kid.


Scorpion Stings

Okay, I had a few answers already, But I need more detail if anyone is knowledgeable enough.
I have this story going on in the eastern part of a re-created Sahara desert (it's an AU). Same weather conditions, same animal species. There's a caravan, and one of the dromedaries, being scared by something, will have its leg deep into the sand and be stung by a scorpion.

1) Is there any kind of dangerous but not lethal scorpion out there ?
2) I have a vet in the convoy, and he knows how to treat exotic animals, but he doesn't have anything that you should use to treat the wound. Is it actually believable that he would open the wound to try and make the venom come out, and then bind the leg so that the poison would not flow as freely and expand less rapidly until proper treatment can be delievered ?

Just a precision .. someone already told me that a dromedary has hooves, so that's why I made the best fall a bit, so that it would get stung in a part wher it can be stung. But my main problem is, can that beast be saved by a rough treatment of the wound assuming that real treatment will follow soon, or not ?

Kids' memories and technical terms.

A couple more. Hopefully not as vague as my last lot.

First - By what point do children usually recognise their own names? And how hard is it for a very young child to adjust to being referred to by a new name?
First part two - On average, what kind of age do people remember back to?
Looked at child development sites, but all I seemed to be finding was when they should be burping, talking, walking etc.
Context: The character in question saw his parents killed and was taken away and adopted/recruited by the enemies who did so when he was young. He's dragged back to what was his parents' side when he's sixteen. Ideally, I need to work out what he'd remember of the incident, though he doesn't recognise his old name when the 'good guys' use it on him...
Ah. Second: Given that he's been trained/brainwashed for most of his life by the enemy, would it be possible for the 'good guys' to 'break' his conditioning, and how? I can probably resort to technobabble if I have to, but it would work best in-story if they use purely psychological/talky techniques - bear in mind he's not an adult here.

Third question's for a fic unrelated to the above. Fandom, this time, rather than origi-fic.
The planet that the story's set on would naturally be a lot colder than Earth - it orbits somewhere closer to where Mars does, but it has a strong magical field around it. This amplifies the sun's heat and regulates the seasons - if it's ever disturbed, it plays localised havoc with the seasons, causing snow in summer etc and heatwaves in winter etc.
In the world's early days, magic was serious to them - but in its modern era, it's regarded as fringe science, and its effects are given technical sounding names...
And I'm trying to figure out what.
What would be a sensible boffin name for the planet's magical field, or for magical effects in general? I've been reading too much Discworld, so my brain's yelling 'thaumic', but I know that that would send the fourth wall on its merry way too quickly...

A naturalist's workbook

April Fools

Does anyone know when the tradition of April Fools began, and which countries follow it? For example, we don't have it in Latin America because we have our own equivalent to it (Día de los Inocentes, Dec. 28th). But is it only an US thing, or is it also celebrated in Europe?
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Neglected Teenagers and Military Schools

I have a character who is about 16, and has be sent off to a military school for officer candidates in the army to be trained as a tactical aide (this is a pseudo-medieval world with some 18th century influences. His graduating from the school will be the it-just-happened background to his story). He is the son of two immensely powerful and well-known public figures, one of whom (his mother) is quietly and privately insane. His parents have screaming matches a lot, and do not pay much attention to him except to use him as a springboard for their arguements.

He has been labelled "quiet" and "shy" and "introverted", but is actually neglected by his parents and doesn't have any social ettiquette or training except what he's read in a book. He's never had a tutor or been to school, and his education was learning how to read, and free reign of his father's massive library. He's very, very smart, and has studied extensively and is extremely bright - all of which was motivated by his self-drive to learn - but he's never gone through normal learning experiences like a classroom or the aide of a teacher of some sort. He is (by neccessity) reserved and mature, tending to not doing anything to avoid attention than doing anything to get any attention, though in a sort of reverse-effect he needs to be extremely nice to people to the point of being easy to walk on. He's also something of an escape artist, good at getting out of his house and good at hiding. He does have friends - all two of them - who are cousins of his, who both live in the city he's been sent off to school at.

In what areas of his life would his growth have been stunted by his growing up and how would it become visible suddenly away from home? Social is obvious, but how would it manifest itself, suddenly surrounded by noble-born teenage males who are supposed to act like miniature adults? What kind of 'shell shock' would he exhibit from going from the explosive atmosphere of his house to a more quiet school? What sort of behavior might he exhibit in his first classroom setting that would be noticably different to his teachers? How might he react to the highly competative nature of the school? What changes would he endure, having moved from a remote forest house to a city? As he is now being visited regularly by his friends, what sort of changes will that have on his ability to express himself? How would he rationalize being praised, after having heard only criticism about himself all his life? As a person who has dealt with extremely harsh criticism, if he saw other students being harshly criticised, and stood up for them, what sort of behavior might his fellows have towards him?

As an ending goal, he's supposed to graduate after a year having developed the skills to be an assertive, decisive, action-oriented junior officer in his army with good leadership skills, with a strong education emphasis on tactics and geography. In school, he has been a person who has been courageous and was well-liked by the younger students at the school, and has gathered the social skills to be extraverted when neccisary.

Any help anyone can offer is extremely welcome, and I'd like to thank anyone who can be of help in advance.
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Ranks/titles of priests, esp. in Church of England

In which religions is the term "minister" used for a priest, and in which religions is the proper form of adress for a priest "Reverend [name]"? Is the Church of England one of them?

What are the possible ranks of priests in the Church of England? I believe they include Bishop and Archbishop, like the Catholic Church, but I'm not sure.

Can anyone think of some interesting facts about church ranks I haven't asked about?
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Theater listings for films?

So, I've got some films I'm doing some research on, and I need to know, if possible, what theaters they ran in (they're all limited releases, so like... ten theaters or so as opposed to thousands). Does anyone know any way to find that information out? I've been looking online for days and I can't find anything.

fairytale popularity question

(I love this place deeply. Much thanks for any help that can be given, in advance.)

Does anybody know if the compilation of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales, "Andersen's Fairy Tales", had reached any measure of household popularity in England by the year 1842 (it was published in 1835)?

Any other suggestions of fairytale compilations and stories for children/young people that may have been popular in the time space of 1830-1842 would also be gratefully received!
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Transportation of weapons.

How would a normal civilian transport a weapon to the US? The weapon in question is a katana (a real one), and the character is a relatively normal woman who is not a US citizen (but not from a knee-jerk "questionable" country either). This woman is flying into the US by aeroplane.

She's very attached to the katana, but is also aware of the various laws currently regarding air travel, so she is likely to have checked it in. What procedures would she have to go through for this to happen? Would there be any restrictions, special checks? On herself or on her weapon?

Now, I can fiddle around with the bureaucracy a bit (the woman is coming to the US as part of a special program for recruiting superheroes), but I'd like her to have to go through as normal a channel as possible. She's not that special, after all.

Also, would there be any special considerations if it were an international flight as opposed to a domestic one?

Thanks for the help.
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(no subject)

Hey all!

Does anyone know the latin word for taste? (as in the sense...I'm thinking something like gastro maybe?)

Also, are there any other latin words that sound similar (so that they might get confused), and if so, what are their english translations?


Homicide, suicide, and prison terms

Two quick questions for an original work. I know that the answers might vary from state to state, and at the moment I don't have a state in mind - it could be set in just about any city in America with a shopping mall. (I'm leaning towards Arkansas or Virginia, since I know those areas the best.)

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(no subject)

What goes into becoming an art dealer? Especially one of considerable note.

The person in my story is being taken in by someone like that, and I need to know how the man is going to train him. I have everything else, like sociatial training, but I need the details of how to go about the rest of this.

...why can't I form sentences tonight?
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Looking for a song/poem like 'Mockingbird'

Hi, fellow people. I've joined this community a long time ago and I would like any body who knows weird little songs to help.

I'm currently looking for a song like 'Mocking Bird'.

I would like it to be eerie/sadistic in a sort of way. Like in Mocking Bird (I think that's what it's called), there's a line that go like this:

Hush little baby don't you cry

I would like a song that is kinda like that. Like 'Mocking bird'.

Please help! Thank you! :)

EDIT: Ah... I've heard a weird distorted version of this song. So I'm sorry if I confused anyone. ^^;

(no subject)

So what's the process to getting a screenplay for a movie published?

See, I have a character who I want to write screenplays for movies, but what happens when he has an original idea? How would he get started, anyways?

I'm also kind of interested in this for myself o.o
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Reproductive science questions

Okay, I have a few questions:

I have a character who is a research scientist. She's eighteen (EDIT: And this is canon. Any ideas of how the heck this can happen, because the game never says, would be appreciated as well.) and she just found out that she's pregnant. What I need is some kind of disease that her baby has, something that would make it hard for the child to live normally--but not a mental illness. This takes place in the far future, and there's a lot of cloning and genetic manipulation going on, so I was toying with the idea of having my scientist character be submitted to tests or experiments or something in order to better her child's life, but they go wrong. I don't know the specifics of this though.

Also, I need to know how it works when an egg cell needs to be harvested from a woman. It's going to be used for a cloning procedure, so if that's a different procedure from other situations let me know.

Thanks so much!
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More questions ^^;

I asked a question before and it didn't get answered, but it was pretty obscure, so I didn't expect one :D Here's a couple of other, less obscure questions. I googled all these but had no joy.

(note: all of these are just set 'somewhere', I haven't yet specified a country/state, but information on state laws would be appreciated so I can figure it out)

Would there be any legal restrictions from a convicted child molestor (who went to jail, served his time and was let out on parole for good behaviour) from regaining custody of his three children if their current guardians have no objections? There is no history of him abusing the children and they have no objections to being put back in his custody. The child he was convicted of abusing was a student of his; he was formerly a private tutor. (purely for the record, if I can find a way for him to get custody, he isn't actually going to abuse the children, too predictable)

If a girl of about eleven was blinded and required a guide dog for vision and she was placed in an orphanage with her big brother, would the same general policy of not splitting siblings up apply?

Related to said girl, if she was (through modern medical science with a bit of black magicks thrown in) able to recover her vision to a certain extent, would she still be permitted to keep the guide dog? Assuming they'd already spent quite a few years together?

Finally, are there any laws specifically prohibiting or steps one is meant to take if you privately 'adopt' a very young child? For background: the blind girl (who isn't yet blind) takes her four-year-old brother to a dear friend of her now-dead mother and asks him to take care of the child until she comes back. She never comes back (or doesn't come back for many years, and when she's back, it isn't for the kid). Could he potentially get in trouble for this if no-one reports the child missing and his absence is not noticed for a number of years, when the child has grown up with him and recognizes him as a father?

Thanks in advance ^_^