January 26th, 2005

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Would it seem too farfetched for my serial killer to only target other serial killers, or would it be more plausible to broaden it to anyone who has killed someone, whether accidentally or purposefully?

EDIT: Thanks, y'all, I think I will stick with the second one. I just need an excuse for her to go after the main character (who HAS killed before and is a couple beers short a six pack herself)
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Mental institutions

Hi, everyone.

I'm about to start writing a script for my screenwriting class, and I had this weird idea pop in my head that takes place in a mental institution. Now, not having ever been exposed to mental institutions other than what Hollywood shows us, I have no clue about some of the procedures or things that can or do happen in them.

I don't have any specific questions yet, but I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of books, websites, or movies that accurately portray mental institutions.

Thanks in advance!

Has anyone here ever koshered their kitchen?

I've been able to find a few vague overviews of what needs to be done, but none of the websites I've found have been willing to go into very much detail. They just insist that I consult with my rabbi.

But I only need to know for this one scene in my novel.

Could you give me some detail about what you did to kosher your kitchen, and maybe about how your kosher kitchen is set up? (A kitchen in a private home or apartment, to be exact. Not a restaurant.)

Specifically, I need the Orthodox rules. I think Conservatives are a bit less strict about parts of the process, and that won't do for this character.

EDIT: I already know the basic rules: Separate dishes and flatware, and I know the laws of kashrut. What I need is the process that you use to kosher a kitchen when you first move to a new place, or if you decide to start keeping kosher. Do you need to buy new appliances? How do you clean the oven, stove, microwave, toaster, fridge? What about the sink? That sort of thing.
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Just a quick question -- when did obituaries start coming around? Would it be common for someone to have a newspaper clipping of an obituary in the late fifties? Say someone in California had someone from a small town in Maine send it to them?

Here's hoping.


Mostly word questions...

I am completely stuck, and the person I normally bounce ideas off of hasn't been available for a good while, so I can't get help there...

1. Offensive terms for gays. Non-PC is good. (Character is a homophobe, his roommate is gay, and while they mostly let each other be with the occassional ribbing about character's porn and roommate's sexuality, roommate has DARED imply that character might be interested in a guy. So, pissy char.) For now, my character's eternal catchphrase in these situations is "cocksucker league (membership)", but roommate just threw that one at him, so he can't use that. And just 'queer' and 'fag' don't cut it, they're so overused between those two they've reached nickname status.

2. Is there a word for a hairstyle sorta like the (human) guy in this picture? (Image has some furry/dragon nudity, but nothing shows, if you're at a picky workplace...)

3. If character A is deaf and gets by by lipreading, what proper word could he possibly misstake 'Macao' for? It's a name that doesn't exist in any culture he's previously been exposed to, and he's been completely deaf since about age 4 or 5, at latest. (He can speak, mind. Which is why he should misstake it for a word, preferably something that doesn't sound very similar but would look similar to a rather skilled lipreader.)

4: (not quite language-related) How does the coping thing stereotypically go, especially in regards to love/relationships? You know, where friends nod knowingly and say "s/he's just in denial"? It's one of those things people seem to just assume you know, and I, well, don't.

I am so going to hell for writing an original songfic for Poison...

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Freelance hair stylist/makeup artist

Hi, all. New to the community.

I have a character who is a hair stylist and makeup artist, who works in a salon but also freelances out for weddings, special events, etc.

What I'd like to know is, could she work in films, too, or does that require some kind of industry status like an SAG card? (This is set in NYC.) Do films hire people like that for a big shoot requiring a lot of extras, say a period piece? And what would she charge?

Thanks for any and all help.
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Questions about England

How would one's neighbors in modern day England view someone who was open - but quiet - about following a 'pagan' religion? Or someone who is agnostic?

Also, what would be a good area in England to run a horse ranch, or what area is known for having them?

Edit: Thank you to all who responded! I don't think I need any more replies here. O.o

Wedding and engagement ring placement

I'm not sure if this will actually wind up in my story or not, but right now it's looking like it might. So:

Is there any sort of special significance to the order in which a woman wears her engagement ring and wedding band? Or is the common fashion of putting the wedding band behind the engagement ring just one of those "that's just the way it's always been done." things?
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Driver's licenses

If you have a driver's license in one country, is it considered valid in another country? Like, if you were an American citizen living in Russia or somewhere, would you have to get a license over there to actually be driving legally? Or does it just depend on the country?

...gotta love those random questions that get stuck in your head and won't leave. XD
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Parental rights

In my story, my main character is a 14 yr old girl who ran away from home to get away from her verbally-abusive stepfather. Her mother is recently deceased, the victim of a violent crime, and my character never met her biological father. She only found out who he was a few months before her mother's death. So, she's run away to find him, thinking she'll be better off living with him. Of course, it doesn't turn out as perfect as she thought, but anyway, my question is, would he still have parental rights to her? He didn't know he had a daughter until she showed up on his doorstep because for various reasons, the mother couldn't tell him she was pregnant and she left town. The stepdad is my character's legal guardian and he doesn't know her biological father is still alive because the mother had always told him and her daughter that the father had died in a car accident before her daughter was born. So, would my character legally be able to live with her father, or would she have to go back and live with her stepdad? BTW this story takes place in Canada, so this would be Canadian law. Thanks!


I should probably also add that the stepdad never formally adopted the girl. He's only her legal guardian because it was assumed that her biological father was dead and also, there seemed to be no reason to change her living arrangements after he mother died.
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Feathers from birds in the New York area.

My character wants to give another character a gift of a feather or two, because he collects ones that are unusual, whether it be in shape, size, or color. The can also be from rare birds. The hard part is that they're both in New York (upstate, but anywhere works), and I have no idea what the options for that are. Help, please? :)