January 24th, 2005

Sympathy for the Devil

Physical Therapy

My main character has, for lack of better explanation, been in a coma for six years. He had been in very good shape prior (an extremely muscular martial artist) and now needs to be rehabilitate due to muscle atrophy. How would his physical therapy be done? Assuming he's very motivated, how long would it take for him to be able to resume martial arts training?
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Health Question

Just a quick question. I have a character (in an RPG) who is going to have to face something that's going to leave her pretty emotionally beat up and withdrawn from the world. The plan is to have her hermit herself away in her room, no eating or drinking, pretty much be doing little but sleep for two to three days, depending when her best friend decides to intervene and drag her out of hiding.

My question is this: how will the not eating and not drinking affect her health? How dehydrated would she be? Would she suffer any malnourishment? Physically, she's a small woman, about 5'4", and is in almost peak physical condition. She's athletic and strong (even before her "abilities" are taken into account).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Thank you to everyone who answered and gave input. It'll help me a lot in acting out the next few days with my character. *S*

Hierarchal Religions and Prehistoric Animals

Okay, number of questions. This is for a fantasy story, so I can fudge the answers if I have to.

1. The main character of the story is a priest in a religious order. They have at least some degree of hierarchy (they are sort of a combination religious order/group of scholars, so I can draw on my experience in academia). I don't feel like making up my own list of nonsense words for ranks, mainly because I don't expect my readers will remember them any better than I will, but I barely understand the Catholic clerical hierarchy, let alone other religions'. Furthermore, I am a bit apprehensive about using something obviously Christian, because too often it seems (or maybe it's just me reading too much Mercedes Lackey) a strongly-organized religion comes off as a Catholicism-clone. So, any information about how organized religions work like organizations (with an emphasis on the highly-structured ones) would be helpful

2. As mentioned in a previous post, I am trying to use the set of American wildlife, rather than the set of Eurasian wildlife (or the mish-mash that one gets when the writer doesn't pay attention) typical of your average fantasy novel. I just read an interesting passage in a reference book that had an interesting and useful idea. It mentioned the fact that it is now believed that hunting by newly-arrived humans may have contributed to the decline and extinction of many of the large mammals native to the Americas during the last Ice Age. It pointed out that this didn't happen as much in Eurasia because the wildlife was used to humans and was more cautious around them. Thus, when humans started to domesticate animals, they had a wide selection of large animals (horses, cattle, oxen, camels, donkeys, etc.) to work with. So, now I want to look at the things living in the Americas as of the last Ice Age (about 100,000 to 10,000 years ago) and see if anything looks interesting. Any links?
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Is anyone here familiar with the British show "ManChild?" Anthony Head plays a dentist named James...does anyone recall his last name? I'm thinking that since the show had 15 episodes and he was one of the main characters he must have a last name.

how do they rise

A quick medical question.

Again, for those of you who came in late, I write modern-day crime fiction.

I need to know if there are any more effective, more modern ways of knocking a person out with drugs--specifically, a spur-of-the-moment, relatively quick and silent drug knockout such as chloroform. Is chloroform itself still the best way to go, or are there new drugs that work faster/better? If so, what are they? (And any descriptives on these drugs, such as if they have any particular smell, would help me even more.)

Also, if there are any non-drug-related ways of knocking a person out without really hurting them physically--such as, I don't know, pressure points or something like that--I'd be more than happy to hear about those as possible alternatives.

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Completely unrelated...

1. When did the ideas of the Rennaissance - particularly secularism and a worldview based on logic - reach rural Russia? And is anyone credited with introducting them?

2. Was there in rural Russian myth and folklore, at any time before the arrival of said ideas, the concept of a "mystical warder"? One who protected the poeople from the forces of night/the Devil? Winter nights in rural Russia being pretty damn scary things...

3. Do angels in Biblical myth actually have feathered wings?

Unrelated A:

Is there a culture who reveres ancestral mothers rather than fathers?

Unrelated B:

Claymores. In early 19th century Scotland. Who the hell actually had a claymore in 19th century Scotland?

Thanks in advance!

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The Iraqi words for "Les Miserables"/"The Underdogs"?

Any helpful links to sites for anti-American groups in Iraq?

Information on Iraqi teenagers, especially girls?

And although it's not strictly related, anything words of advice or encouragement as I undetake what will probably be my most serious project to date; writing and producing a play of Les Miserables taking place in modern-day Iraq?
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I'm back with more robot issues!

I need someone to attack and subdue an intelligent, humanoid robot with one hit. The catch here is that it needs to be something that will knock the robot out without damaging anything--force a shutdown, essentially. (The damage isn't coming until after he's inert and powered down.)

I thought about magnets, but I'm worried that having someone jump him with a magnet might actually cause system errors that would stick around; am I right? (Are magnets still a big threat to computer systems in the first place, or am I behind the times?)

If magnets will actually have lingering effects, then what could I slam him with that would only induce a shutdown? I'm looking for some kind of weapon--it can be crazy sci-fi shit, this takes place in a futuristic setting. I just want something more dramatic than sneaking up behind him and hitting the off switch. (The off switch isn't really an option, as I imagine even the most hotheaded combat robot isn't stupid enough to leave it exposed.)
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Planes, dogfighting, and reference questions

So I have a story set in 1937, and a hero who flies an early Hawker Hurricane. (I've seen enough evidence that they were around as early as '35 to be confident I can fudge the history a little without murdering it.)

Since I'm not by any means an expert on flight and this thing requires a couple of dogfight scenes, here's basically what I need to know:

* I've got a book on Allied biplane aces of WWI, and in several cases it mentions a pilot's guns getting jammed. Could this have happened in a 1930s plane? If so, what would make it happen and how could it be fixed--i.e., would it require landing and poking around in the guns to solve the problem or could you un-jam them in the air somehow without killing yourself?

* Are there any good accounts--fictional or nonfictional--of how the Hurricane handled in the air and what it felt like to maneuver?

* Finally, and I know it's a little unorthodox for this community... I need some recommendations for movies with good aerial fighting sequences. It's really hard for me to choreograph action without knowing what it looks like (I'm one of those visual learner types). I'd prefer the movies be set during or before WWII, just so that my visual references resemble the kind of plane I'm writing about, but I'm flexible. I've already been told Top Gun and Hell's Angels may be useful, but beyond that I haven't a clue.

Thanks in advance.
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I need something odd.

A list of flowers and anything they could symbolize. I'm designing a society where everything is based around a flower planted at their birth. Job, rank, longevity, their entire life is molded by their flower.

I'd prefer flowers people might have heard, vaguely at least. Mostly I need meanings I might be able to apply to my story.

Thank you, in advance, if you can help me.

Edit: And, I just thought of this, color meanings could be really useful as well. I can mix them so the characters don't turn into archetypes.
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Does know of any good resources about general pre-industrial agricultural methods and development? Websites are the best, but I'd also be interested in books that I might be able to get through the my university's library.

I'm particularly interested in agriculture in areas with climates similar to Spain, Central Europe, and the tropics, but anything might be useful.