January 23rd, 2005

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Private Investigating

Does anyone know anything about the process of private investigation? What sort of resources are at their disposal? Is it plausible for an investigator to turn up a person's identity based solely on a description of their appearance?

Thanks in advance! Any information would be helpful.
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Politics, mostly

New poster, many questions.

1.)What's the minimum age requirement for state governor of Kentucky, and if someone was running for the position, what issues would they talk about? What would their voter base be?
2.)What kind of major would a campaign manager have, and what would he/she really be in charge of? When would they get hired? When does the campaigning season of Kentucky really take off, anyway?
3.) What sort of classes would future campaign managers/lawyers/business executives be taking together in senior year of college?
4.)A middle-to-elderly woman gets sick, and spends around ten to fifteen years more or less in the hospital, whereupon, she dies. What disease does she get? Edited cause I mean't Kentucky, not Kansas. *weeps softly for lack of geograpical knowledge*

Merci beaucoup!
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(no subject)

I've got a 17th-century female pirate speaking to a male pirate younger than she, on friendly terms. I need a word in Spanish that would be an affectionate, teasing sort of "Boy" or "Lad" -- I'm thinking mi'jo as a shortened form of mi hijo, but it seems almost too familiar. Can anybody suggest anything better? Thanks in advance!
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Two of the most random questions ever

1) How did the original 1963 "The Fugitive" TV series end? I'm only familiar with the film, and I've been told that the resolution and the one-armed man's motive were significantly different in the two versions. I've hit Jumptheshark.com and some of the nostalgia/retro sites, but all I've really been able to gather is that the series ended in a rather disappointing two-part episode. What happens?

2) Hypothetical: A medical research lab is working on a new cancer drug. What I'm wondering about is what happens when/if they get to the stage where they test it on animals. Is there, I don't know, a way to induce tumors/cancers in lab rats?

Currency question

Well, I'm writing a fantasy -- actually, editing said fantasy -- when I realized that my mentions of currency may not be very accurate. So, considering this story has a wee bit of an English feel, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any interesting sites regarding old English currency; i.e., shillings, farthings, the use of silver and gold. That sort of thing.

Any help would be most appreciated.
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Canadian Armed Forces

I decided the bad guy in one of my stories needs more of a personal history in order to make him more human and three-dimensional. He's about 50 yrs old and Canadian, and he served some years in the Canadian Armed Forces. But I want to have a little more detail than just, "He was in the military for a time." Does anyone know of any special forces the CAF has or had? I don't want him to necessarily have been a trained assassin or anything like that, but I want him to have had some kind of specialized training. So any info would be much appreciated. Merci!


Any information on Joint Task Force 2, such as length of service, would be helpful, too.
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Seeking refuge in another country.

Three members of a pretty famous band has just ran away from the manager/guard and tries to seek asylum in the country they have been touring in.

Right now, they are sitting in an apartment where they know they are safe, they have a telephone, internet, a tv and enough food to last a couple of weeks.

How do they go about contacting someone to seek asylum? They can prove that they will be arrested if they return to their own country. Two of them are prosecuted because their religion + political involvement, the last just because political involvement. They can prove being mistreated by their government (beatings, rape + +) (video clips).

Now, who do they contact? Will their proofs be enough?

The country is known to use torture, illegal imprisonments, death penalty for people involved in politics against them or giving other countries clips from riots that happened a few years back that one of them have already given the country they are in, but since they are public persons and above eighteen, will it become more difficult or not? Who can they contact? How should they contact them?

I tried to google it, but it's hard to find anything useful...
can you guys help?
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(no subject)

What is the name of those strange bamboo shoot looking things in Japanese gardens that are held up in the center and fill with water from a stream or spout, become weighed down with water, then dump the water out into a pond or stream below making a clacking sound on the rock below their base at regular intervals? Anyone know what I'm talking about? I'm sure they have a name but I can't for the life of me remember it or even think of how to search for it.

(no subject)

I forgot to ask this earlier today: Does a cutting/tearing injury that isn't exposed to the air--something like a torn muscle, say, or the tissue around a shattered bone--run much of a risk of getting infected? I'm thinking probably not since it doesn't come in contact with the sort of contaminants that an external cut would. But if the injured person already had an infection of some kind, would it be likely for the bacteria or virii or whatever to attack the injury?
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Magic question

What are names for different types of spirits/familiars a magician might call up during a ritual? (Demon, succubus, ifrit, etc.) I'm looking primarily for European styles of magic, but anything would be helpful. Don't need specific individuals, mind you, just a general group name. ;)