January 22nd, 2005

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Gift-giving in Japan

In this situation, the head of a wealthy Japanese family is visiting another character of equal prestige with the intention of apologizing. I know it's tradition to bring a gift when you go to visit someone, but is there any particular kind of gift a man of his status would bring? Would the fact that he's there to apologize affect what kind of gift he brings? This visit takes place around breakfast time, if that helps.

Thanks in advance!
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Bird wings and murderous behavior...

Can someone please describe the fundamental differences between a bird's wing and a bat's wing? I.E., how it works, body strength needed to use it, etc... I had a character that I'm considering reviving. Really crappy concept, but he had an angel (bird) wing and a demon (bat) wing. Someone pointed out to me that it would be impossible for him to actually use them, so I guess I'm also wondering if it would be possible to tweak the mechanics of either wing so that they could be used together. (Whether he can fly or not, I don't really care. I'm starting to think he shouldn't.)

Also, when one is on trial for a heinous crime (let's say murder, shall we?), what is considered the appropriate way to behave, whether on the witness stand or at the defense table (is it called something else?)? I know cold and stoic is not good. Neither is overly remorseful. Do any of you guys know?
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'It' Girl of '89

Bit subjective, this, but here goes anyway. You're a 17-year-old heterosexual boy in 1989: who do you have the hots for? More specifically, who might've been the hot young thing in November of '89? The more amusing, the better. Thanks!
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Hey, long time reader, first time poster. My question is fairly simple. I did google it, but I was hoping for a more exact result.

Background: Okay, so we've got two teenage boys (fifteen and sixteen, respectively) going to Cairo for a week trip. They're mainly going to see Character A's family (Character B is a close friend and accompanying him for whatw ill shape up to be a traumatic event). The two boys haven't known each other for long but they're already close. They're traveling alone but meeting up with family at the airport. Character A (who grew up in Cairo) is from an upper-middle class background, but is not particularly sheltered and knows the city well. (unfortunately, I don't know the city very well, hence my asking)

So, what sights would someone who grew up in Cairo show a fairly intellectual friend who had never been there or been exposed to the culture? Are there any things that he would tell his friend to specifically avoid saying/doing?

I ask because often people who are native to a city have very different ideas of what is must-see than the tourist board. I knwo that when peopl visit my city, I certainly don't take them to the top tourist spots :D
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I'll try to keep this brief

1) Yay! this community.

2) Now, I'm pretty sure Jesus's name wasn't originally "Jesus." What I mean is, if people did indeed walk around and talk to him in 20 AD or so, they probably didn't address him as "Jesus." It was most likely something closer to "Jesu" or "Yeshua" or ... you know what I mean. I'm no expert in religions, which is unfortunate, since everything I write always ends up involving some weird religious factor or other. So, a question: What did they say? Does anyone know for sure? The original Hebrew, and not some time-altered or anglicized version. I've tried to look it up on Google, but I always get three billion-or-so anti-abortion sites as a result, which are not what I want and hard to sort through, to boot.
More than the original pronunciation/spelling of Jesus, however, I'd really like to know if the name "Mary" has always been "Mary." That's the real meat of my question, but I thought it would be easier to illustrate with "Jesus," for some reason. Same case as above, only with Jesus's mother. Would she have introduced herself as "Mary," or as something different? And did she have anything like a surname? I know the other Mary was "Magdalene," and Judas had "Iscariot," but that's all I can think of.

3)Thanks in advance, anyone better-versed in Biblical lore than I!
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(no subject)

Here's a quickie. :) What type of accent would a 17-year old girl from Roanoke, Virginia have? She's just been transplanted to New York, so I figure she might sound funny to them.
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Guns and Knives

I'm working w/ a forum that does have a writing section, however it also has a section devoted to knives and guns. Some of the users modify their own weapons, etc. So I've been bugging them for info. Feel free to drop by.

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(no subject)

Hello, this is my first time posting here. I have a character who's fallen out of a window several stories up (I haven't decided if he went face-first or fell backwards out of the window, if that's relevant) and is killed by the fall. Does anyone know what medical terms/causes a coroner might cite upon an autopsy?

Thank you in advance.