January 19th, 2005


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I'm looking up colleges that have major programs in mechanical engineering, and I'm trying to decide which one is best for one of the characters in my webcomic to have attended (it's in her past, and not really a key element at all, but durnit I'd like to be accurate about it if I'm going to name a real place, and she will have to name it when her flashback comes into play way down the line).

Google shows me MIT, Purdue, all the way to Georgia Institute of Technology and Oklahoma University. I don't know how to tell the top-of-the-line ones from the crummy ones, though.

I'm looking for one that is somewhat below MIT and Purdue, but still has a good solid program, and would look nice on applications. The character in question is very intelligent and good with machines, but earthy and very much a get-her-hands-dirty type. She wanted to design cars and trucks, but given a choice would rather take a (radiator for example) apart to see how she could improve it than pore over it's design specifications. I don't see her choosing a high-end place like MIT, but she would definitely want to go to school somewhere with a serious mechanical engineering program. Something that would get her ready to start building a better pick-up.

Any ideas?
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More Horsey Questions

What would be in a well-stocked stable that could be used as a makeshift cloak? Horse blankets seem a bit small and, well, made for horse shapes rather than human shapes.

This is in a generic fantasy (vaguely medieval) setting, for reference. And the character intends to ride wrapped up in whatever-it-is, so it should be something that won't get in the way.

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Hee, I finally have somewhere to ask about technical stuff XD. Anyway, on to the questions:

1. Gunshot wounds - Would someone who gets shot pass out right away, would they even pass out at all? While at the hospital, would there be a window of opportunity for someone to visit him after he's been through surgery without anyone noticing? (If not, I have an excuse for that) would the person be drugged, or would the drugs just knock him out cold? What about recovery? How soon would they be able to go home?

2. How about someone stealing drugs from a hospital? How hard would it be? Or could I simply have a couple be daring and go make-out wherever they keep the drugs, have the doctor part of the couple get called off and just have the other steal it? And that raises the question on whether the drugs are locked up in cabinets or carefully guarded?

3. Is there a procedure in boarding schools for snowstorms? Collapse )

4. Would it be completely out there to have a boarding school be an old mental hospital? Just for the school to have a history not for haunting purposes.

5. And lastly, if someone were to drop out of medical school in their fourth year, just how much "medical training" would they have? Would they know how to treat anything?

Thank you in advance! I'm so glad I stumbled across this community!

A question about clothing, this time - ceremonial, like...

All right, you people rock.

Now I have a question about clothing. I have a priestess character, and I don't know what she wears. I mean, I have a fairly clear idea, but I don't know what individual pieces of her clothing are called, nor am I too terribly sharp on the details.

The (current) setting is a mish-mash of elements ranging from medival to pre-industrial 1800's, in an area that most closely resembles northern Europe (say, Scotland or Iceland or the Netherlands, and yes I know all those places are quite different.) Raine's (the character's) clothes give an impression somewhat like ancient Greek style strongly influenced by Arabic tradition. Loose white silk poofy pants (pantaloons, right?) and some sort of silk wrapping around her upper body that leaves her arms bare, optionally covered with a shawl and/or heavy cloak.

Well, my main question is, wtf is that on her upper body? And if you have any information to share about "period"-style clothing AT ALL, I would very much appreciate it.
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Question about kids and teen moms

Okay, so this should be a pretty easy question to answer, except I don't know anything about kids, which is why I'm asking. Basically, I need any and all info on the average girl child from pregnancy to approx 7years (the mother character is seventeen). Would there be anything special about the delivery if the mother is a minor? How long does the hospital keep a newborn and teenage mother, how tall does the average girl-child grow each year, when do girls typically teeth, walk, potty-train, talk, start preschool, get weaned off milk to mushy foods, start eating solid foods, start talking in sentances instead of verb-noun ex. "want ball!", learn to read, be able to read well, last baby tooth out by, that sort of stuff. Also a few childhood sicknesses (maybe cholic and chickenpox?) - when do kids usually get them, symptoms, treatments, etc. Any info is helpful. Thank you!
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Quick Question

What's Italian for "red shirt"?

This has nothing to do with the infamous Red Brigade that terrorized Italy, btw. One of my players is creating a 7th Sea character (Vodacce) and wants to make a Star Trek in-joke (about the redshirts that bite it in nearly every episode).
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How long after death does it take for a body to start decomposing in an obvious way? How would bodies be stored in a typical fantasy setting? What would happen if one were to cut a slit in the forehead of a several day old body with no modern preservative measures taken on it?
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crime scenes

I have a question about crime scenes. In my story, two people were murdered in their home. Once the authorities are called, how long does it take to gather photographic evidence of the bodies before they are removed from the scene? And how long would the police mill around the scene after the bodies are taken away? The reason I ask is because I have a character who needs to return to the crime scene as soon as possible, but when no one is around. If the murders happened in the early morning, by when would all the police activity have died down?

Also, basically anything on police procedures regarding homicides would be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance!
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Scorpion ... stings !

I'm never gonna stop thanking whoever created this community ...

Well, I happen to have two related questions ...

1) What species of scorpions are commonly found in the Western parts of Sahara ? I would need a quite dangerous variety, but on the condition that a rapidly treated wound would not be lethal.

2) One of my character in the story is a vet. He comes from a big city and usually has the ordinary clientele of cats and dogs and other exotic pets (since he lives in japan), but also happens to take care of bigger animals because he is the vet for the lcal zoo, and his sister lives in a circus and calls him in whenever the animals have a problem. So he knows his stuff. Now, this vet is travelling in aforementioned desert with a caravan composed of dromedaries. What would happne if a scorpion stinged a dromedariy's foot, and how would our vet treat it, knowing that he doesn't have access to more than basic human first aid-supplies ? (the rest of what the caravan transports is not usable in this context)

Thanks !!

Public Libraries

Hey, a question that's not about hurting someone!  :)

Do full-time circulation desk workers at public libraries in the US get paid vacation time?  On the one hand, I'd assume that if they're full-time employees, all the usual labor laws would apply?  But maybe it's different for municipal employees?

Either way is fine for the story; I just want to be accurate.