January 18th, 2005

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Rather a silly question, but! I need to know what exactly happens when a door is kicked in. You see it happen all the time in movies, but I'm not sure what's actually going on mechanically. The door doesn't actually come off the hinges, so it's not the hinges giving. So what's happening on the doorknob/lock end that the door flies open like that? I know this probably depends on the lock (I can't imagine one of those doors that locks by sliding a metal bar into the doorframe or whatnot could be forced open easily by a kick) but I'm not going to be very specific about what kind of lock it is. In fact, I don't know much about locking mechanisms at all anyway, so information on that would be helpful too. Thanks.

Edit: 'kay. Thanks to everyone for the input. :)
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company policy + dating

Hi! If possible, I need a sample of responses from company employees --
What is your company's sexual harassment policy?
Is there a specific list of behaviors? Can men file against women? Is same-sex harassment covered? What steps are taken? And how is it interpreted, in practice?
No need to get specific about what company you work for, but the size and type might help.

p.s. Ack, only forgot the most important question. Is there a specific policy when coworkers start dating? I've heard of a release form to protect the company if the relationship goes sour, but I've never worked for a company that uses it.
Thanks muchly :)
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independent villages?

In 15th to 16th century France, were all villages subject to or tied to a local lord, or were there independent settlements of people that just developed in certain areas because the land was good for cultivation or otherwise attractive?

In other words, if I set a story in a small rural village at this time, would I need to include a lord who owned the land? If all land was owned by the upper class, could I feasibly locate the land-owner some distance away?

I know peasants were subject to taxation and sometimes to conscription and everyone lived within a class system, but did any rural villages exist as independent entities, the same as towns? I'm embarassed I don't know this, but my memory isn't as good as it should be.
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This question is a little weird, I guess, but what isn't in here?

I'm looking for the name of a guitar. All I know is that it was in the Freak video by Silverchair. It was white/silverish, but I know they come in black, too. The body is kind of half moon-shaped/triangular, but it's not a flying-V, and I know they're pretty hard to come by. If you can help me, you'll be my hero forever.

Edit: You guys are SO FAST, I love it. <3333 Thank you sooo much.
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drug-induced blindness

Hee... from reading other entries here, I get the impression that we like to hurt our characters a lot ;)

Anyway- I have a character that has been kidnapped, and I want to keep him incapacitated without actually *injuring* him, and so I was wondering if there was any sort of drug that might cause (temporary) blindness and maybe nausea or something like that. I want him to be able to have somewhat free reign his captor's house, which means I can't tie his hands- so using a blindfold would be pointless as he could just take it off.

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Hi, a question about American terms for a paved outdoor area. Would it be called a terrace or a patio, or something else? Does it depend on the size of the building, or the location in the country?
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Does anyone have statistics for causes of death before, say, the invention of cars to run over people with? Statistics from a pre-industrial, agrarian society not beset with huge wars at the time would be best.

I'm trying to figure out what the population of one of my fantasy worlds looks like. The people don't age and are resistant to some diseases, but aren't immortal in the strictest sense. Their society is pre-industrial, but well-developed and structured. Making it harder to figure is their habit of using others for the hardest, poorest-paying work--most of them aren't going to die of malnutrition because they're on top, basically.

I think I can use statistics from somewhere at least as a starting point.

Edit: General information is always helpful, but I'm really looking for a comprehensive list that breaks it down into numbers by age (you know, like 25% of women died before 40 during childbirth, 10% died from infectious disease, blah blah). If you know of any websites or any books that I could check out from the library, I'd be so grateful. Little pieces of info that I can piece together into a larger picture are also good.

Hey all

I got reffered here by a friend and figured I'd ask this little question since ya'll seem knowledgable. What is the Florida definition of a concealed weapon?
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During the 19th century, what age would a girl have been accepted into a Conservatoire (to study singing), and at what age would she usually leave? Specifically, the location is Paris, France. I know the current age for a girl to begin training vocally and seriously is between 18-19 due to the need for vocal maturity. I don't know if the guidelines for instruction would have been different back then or not. Any references would be greatly appreciated.

Mixed bag.

More questions, same universe as my last post 'bout a week ago but doesn't really matter.

A large group of characters in this story take their codenames from different colours, including in different languages due to the number of them there are. While I've tried to look things up, all I seem to get most of the time is straight red/green/blue etc translations... The only site I found gave me decent translations in Japanese, but I really don't want to overuse the language.
So, I'm after different colour words in different languages. Preferably ones that aren't going to take too much poking for characters whose native language is English-based to say.
Would I be best asking this in the multilingual comm, instead? If so, I'll whop it over there.
Edit: Thanks, everyone... I don't really think I'll be needing anything beyond the basics, now I come to think of it. I just needed a flavour. I'll stick my nose in over on multilingual later.

I'm also looking for sports that would be suitable for the characters to take part in. It's a pretty minor scene, but I don't really want to have them playing basketball or soccer, or anything really popular nowadays... Preferably, I'm thinking of sports where great physical strength isn't an issue (given that some of the players are cyborgs and some human, things would be rather unbalanced...)

Thanks for any advice...
I wish I could give more back to this comm - I ask so many questions but never answer any... I only wish I could.


okay, real quick, because my brain's on the frits...

What did they use to cut hair with in the mideival or renaissance time period? This is a fantasy world, so it's not really Earth, but do societies similar to that time period have scissors? If they did, would they still call them scissors, or was there another name for them? If not, what'd they use to trim hair with, a knife?

And I'm assuming razor blades (shaving) are pretty old and likely to be found in an old-ish society and called thus, right? Let me know if I'm mistaken on that point.

Thanks for all your replies in advance :) You know I love ya.

[EDIT] oh, and one more thing.
How do public bathhouses work in something of the same time period I described above? Think roman bathhouses, or something similar for lack of another similie. Fancy, in a big mansion/castle. Did people use them all the time, how was the water cleaned, if it was, what all goes on aside from washing, and are people really as public about being in the water naked as the word sounds?
I really don't know much about these places, as I've only seen paintings and never actually been to one. [/edit]
Whacked out ancient stuff!
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Lack of sunlight?

Because of an ancient curse, Character A's family cannot leave their big, dark mansion. The curse was placed two hundred years before, and they only survive by eating plants.

But what I want to know is the condition their skin would be in. I've tried googling it, but to no avail. I know their skin would be very pale, but to what extent?
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Of Traumatic Events and Cigarettes... though not in the same question.

*cough* Here again, I am. ^^;

1) I am damn near confident I have heard of this certain illness/disorder before, but unfortunately, I have forgotten the name of it. And so, this is where you guys come in! :D

Collapse )
So... basically, I'm look for a syndrome that is triggured with a traumatic event taking place, inducing partial memory loss, plus where I could find more information about it... or something like that. :\

2) And, as a sort of continuation (only in a not really kind of sense) to this question, a brand of cigarettes easily and cheaply acquired in the States, please? Eh... may seem like a dumb question, but... eh. Just eh. :\

Muchos thankies for any help in advance. :)
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Silly question...

I want to have an upper-class female British character, just after World War II, carry an annoying small dog everywhere she goes. My question is, exactly how stupid does this look at the time? As weird as it does now, or did anyone actually do anything like that that late in history? (I do seem to hear of it in the 18th century, though maybe I'm wrong on that too...)

(Either idea works; it's a humor fic anyway, I just have to know what the reaction of relatively normal people would be.) Speculation and/or references to fiction very much appreciated. Thanks so much for any help!
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Spiking drinks

All right, I have a character who gets his drink spiked; whatever it is that he gets dosed with should have the effect of making him hyper and horny *blush*

Any suggestions as to what exactly it could be?

Ectasy is a no-no because, well, if he got the urge to bite it would be bad.
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