January 17th, 2005

The Architect

Because I pride myself in my attention to detail...

Can anyone offer me information on the Elite Club as it existed in San Francisco in the year 1884. And by anything, I literally mean anything that could even remotely help me portray them accurately in the fan fiction where they are featured.

If on the off chance you have no information, be encouraged to call me insane for asking this question.
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First Nations in the Maritime provinces

What First Nations tribes were/are most common throughout the Maritime provinces. I'm particularly interested in New Brunswick, if possible.

I'm also interested in knowing if there have been any First Nations vs. local or national government protests, lawsuits, etc. in that part of Canada in the past ten years.
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Weekends and days off for police

In general, how do homicide detectives, crime scene investigators, and their ilk manage weekends? Do they generally have the weekend off unless there's an important case? Are one or two members of a department stuck with weekend duty on a rotating basis?

I'm assuming that these poor guys get some time off on a regular basis, but I'm not sure how it all works.
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Blood Coagulation

Question on blood clotting:

If I were to, say, have a cup of fresh blood in a goblet:

1) How long would it take it to start clotting
2) Would it clot with uniform consistency or whould it do that "potato soup" thing where it develops a type of skin on top?

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BC Ferries question...

I'm asking this on the off chance that anyone here is a frequent traveller on BC Ferries... does anyone happen to have the canned greeting memorised? The "Welcome aboard the..." one, not the safety announcement.


(no subject)

This is sort of a continuation of an earlier post I made. Would a 9mm bullet pass through a motorcycle helmet?


This is my Collapse )

I need something he could be wearing that would stop the bullet, because Character B has no aversion to killing and he wants to make sure there are no witnesses to the crime.


I have a character in his mid-thirties who has been mainlining heroin on a regular basis for around three years. What would be the deal with tracks? Would he have them and what would they look like?

the chosen one.

(no subject)

If a normal-sized, fit man swung a sword (a lightish sword, not a broadsword) at someone elses neck, trying to decapitate them, what would be the odds of success? Is he likely to sever the head in one stroke, or will the blade lodge in the victim's spinal column?
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I'm writing a story, part of which takes place in India.

Basically, my character is a 30-year-old empath (a scifi thing, projecting and receiving other people's feelings) who lives in Canada but is training in India. I want the training to take place in an old abandoned temple/castle/palace, completely outside of and forgotten by all society, based almost completely (for lack of other examples) on the one in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Do places like that actually exist in India?

I realize this is a really broad question. Lessee... he won't be in big cities at all, except for driving through. He's stuck where he is unless someone takes him out. He'll be there for six months. As his training progresses, he'll be venturing out into little villages to test his mettle as a doctor, as that's his eventual goal (he already has the medical degree).

He came to India in a bit of a hurry (about two weeks' notice); are there vaccines he should have gotten that he missed, non-fatal (but harrowing) diseases he's in danger of getting, things he should have learned before he left, experiences every tourist has while in India? I've seen a short video on the caste system in India, but that's about it. Is there anything else really pertinent that I need to know?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!
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The Architect

Agoraphobic Librarians

Okay, so I have a couple of related, derivative, and thoroughly peculiar questions.

Incidentally, they center about a thoroughly peculiar character. Appearing in a fan fiction for Charmed, his name is Philopus. Philopus is a demon. More specifically, he's a demonic librarian.

1. Is there any specific name for the personality type where a person has mood swings and treats people depending on how useful he views them? I don't mean a mental disorder; I just want to know if I'm dealing with precedent or if my character just has a unique personality and moral system.

2. If a person were to spend the majority of 699 years in a single, enclosed setting, they would develop agoraphobia, correct?

3. Would this agoraphobia affect the person while they were in their single, enclosed setting? If so, how?

4. If a person owns and runs a privately owned library, how would they be referred to? I have a feeling 'proprietor' is incorrect, but I was looking for something a bit more official than 'librarian'. (I want to emphasize not what the job entails, but the fact that the library belongs to Philopus.)

Um...I suppose derivative can describe Philopus as well. He's fun to write in any sense. Thank you for your help.
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Wedding dress

I'm looking for info on what a woman might wear for her wedding in the 1920's. The caveats: she's British, but getting married in Egypt. A very fiesty lady, comfortably aware of the local culture, I can see her wearing a mish-mash of whatever suits her. I'm not looking for exactness (since the canon is rather...loose with facts itself), just some kind of guideline to work with.

This is for The Mummy, if you hadn't already guessed.

Thanks bunches!
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Hunting ...

I'm writing a peice that involves a small hunting trip, it's set in modern time, and I need to know what sort of contact a pair of hunters would have with the outside world when they're in the woods.

Cellphones arn't really feasible for the story, so I was thinking something more along the lines of walkie talkies, but I'm not sure if that is realistic and what type of communication it would provide with let's say -- a ranger station or fellow hunters.

The setting is a little hunted area, patrolled by a couple of rangers so it's pretty remote, but the story is set during the deer season so they're not totally cut off. I want them to be able to contact help in the easiest quickest way possible and recieve it, or at least a confirmation that help is on the way so stay put.

Any other little details about deer hunting would also be appreciated ^_^

edit: Thank you everyone, you've been a huge help!
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The Architect

When you take a bath, make sure you use lots of sopa!

I have a couple of questions regarding another Charmed fan fiction I plan to write in the future.

Okay, a scene in the first chapter will take place in Paris, France. It will involve three OCs: Polaris, Remmon, and Vashni. They are demons. Well, except for Remmon, who is a warlock, although that amounts to the same thing. Polaris is a British demon, but he's lived all around the world. Remmon and Vashni are American, but they've spent most of their time in Hell.

1. What is a less touristy, more authentic section of Paris?

2. What are the kind of things that would be found on the lunch menu of an outdoor French restraunt. I'm thinking casual, but not McDonalds.

3. Though my three OCs speak English to each other, Polaris orders in French. I want to have some humor here with Polaris purposely messing up his order for his own amusement. (I need to establish that Polaris is indeed evil, even if he is perfectly willing to betray all of demonkind.) So anway, I'm looking for some French words that sound similar enough, but if you were to mix them up, you would get an entirely different sentence. Like, "I want a hamburger with extra fetus." is not the same as "I want a hamburder with extra lettuce." Or "Would you like some more pee?" vs. "Would you like some more pie?" Only, you know, with the word play being in French. Keep in mind that Polaris' speech paterns should be more formal and polite. It's perfectly okay if it sounds like he is using a basic ordering sentence that he found in a text book.

4. How would you address a server in Paris?

5. How would a server react if an American was bit rude to them? Not intentionally rude, mind you, but insensitive, to the point, and dismissive. (Remmon's mind is preoccupied with taking over the Underworld, after all.) Also, neither Remmon nor Vashni speak any French, so they are probably just going to point out what they want on the menu. I am not going for any kind of political thing here, but the fan fiction does take place in 2005.

I am going to need your guys again when I deal with the British aspect of Polaris' character, but that can wait 'til another day. Thank you.
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More Japanese high school stuf...

Awhile back I posted some questions about Japanese high schools. Though I've since lost the link to that thread (damn my lack of initiative for archiving stuff), I do remember most of it... but there are some more specific things that have come to mind for me that I need to ask or double-check. ^^;;

1) Do the students all stay in one room for the whole day, with the teachers moving in and out, or do the students move classrooms? I'm fairly sure on this one, but I just need to check.

2) How are lunch breaks handled?

3) How would the teacher go about introducing a new student to the class?

...trivial things, but hey. I'm anal, since the next part of one story takes place entirely in a school. ^^;;;

HELP! I'm really bad at games...

Hi, hi, new here. Please, no excessively painful hazing, I've a delicate constitution, you see. But this looks like precicely the sort of random info-dump source I've been desperately needing, so I'm willing to let you beat me with sharp sticks, if neccesary. =3

So anyway, I've never been much for games of any sort, really, and now I'm finding my lack of experience in the area is causing me some problems with culture building. I've a race of demigods (vampires of a slightly unusual sort) and, well, cultures resembling human ones usually have games, right? Well, I have a chapter coming up where I think two characters are playing a game, so I might as well start here.

Okay. Aidan and Egan (two of my vampires) randomly start playing a word game. Problem is, I don't know what kind of wordgame or it's rules (or the faintest idea of how to start developing such a thing.) It seemed fairly simple. Only one restriction I can think of, and that's that it can't have anything to do with memory - my vampires all have photographic memories.

Kay, here goes the set up.

Egan throws a small object, probably a die or dice, at Aidan. Aidan catches it, accepts, and rolls. Whatever comes up starts the game. It's a rather short game. They go back and forth, speaking words and/or phrases, not neccesarily all in one language. Somewhere in here, Aidan definately says "Aardvark."

At the end (after 6-10 words or so) Aidan says in a sing-song voice, "Fellatio," thus winning the game.

Can anyone think of how this game might work?
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(no subject)

Oh, wow. You have no idea how thrilled I am to find out a place like this exists.

I've been writing a 'novel' for some time now that, to put it simply, requires so much research because I want it to be as real as possible. Now, I don't like to do research, but I like my story enough to. The problem is, there really isn't any book or website or paper that answers my questions.

Here's a little set-up: Everyone in the world is gone. Just gone, up and disapeared like *poof*. All but, one person, of course.

Now, what exactly happens when there's suddenly no one to control anything. See my problem? You can check out book and go to website about dams, airplanes, electric companies, nuclear powerplants, but, none of them tell you what would happen if there was no one there to run everything. And then how everything is connected...

Surprising, I've actually managed to get quite a few answers. I even had to go to the zoo once and frankly, scare a keeper with my questions ^^

Anyway, I'll go ahead and space my questions out over time. So, here are just a few to start with:

1) Airplanes obviously have autopilot, so what would happen if there was no one to control the airplane? Would it go to the airport and circle until it ran out of fuel? Simple fall from the sky?

2) Dams, I've been told need human supervision to constantly change the waterflow or the dam will break. True or not? And how long before it did break?

3) Nuclear powerplants: I'm hoping they can take care of themselves since I don't want my story abruptly ended ^_- But, I'd like to know what would happen if there was no one there to control it.

Okay, I think that's enough for now. Thanks so much in advance, and thanks to the people who made this place!