January 16th, 2005


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3 questions...

1) Would it be possible for someone to either fall or be knocked off the back of a moving motorcycle without getting seriously hurt?

2) One of my characters is lying on his back, spread-eagled, and another character stands over him and shoots him execution-style in the chest with a 9mm handgun. If the character being shot is wearing a medallion of some kind under his jacket, and the medallion is made out of, say, gold or sterling silver, and the bullet hits it, would it stop the bullet?

3) If a person suffers a compound ankle fracture, about how long would they have to stay in the hospital? Or at least, how long till they'd be able to get up out of bed and either walk around on crutches or at least be able to get around in a wheelchair? Does it make any difference in recovery time if the person is a teenager?



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learning to read

Hi everyone!

How are adults taught to read and write and how long does it take?

To be more specific, the learners are aged between 15-25, most know a few letters and how to write their names but a few don't even really know what reading is, and a few can read but very slowly. There are lots of them so they'll be split into groups, probably based on ability, but groups will be quite large, ideally over 20 - suggestions for bigger groups would be welcome. They'll be learning in the evenings after a day of manual work, maybe 3 times a week but it could be everyday if that's better.
The teachers have modern level reading ability and experience with teaching such people. Let's say for now that they have enough paper and ink to use although they won't be able to waste it. Also they'll have various reading materials but probably not 'class sets' of anything, nor will the teachers be able to make photocopies etc - if they want everyone to have a copy it'll have to be written out by hand. But on the bright side they do have electric light so no need to worry about that.

So I'm looking for suggestions of teaching methods that could be used and how long the process would take.
Thanks in advance!
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Two unrelated, but connected (I swear!) questions:

On Fevers

Okay, I have a six-year-old who needs to be running a fever. So, keeping in mind that I know bupkiss about children: how high can a fever be in a six-year-old without raising alarm? How high a fever would require a call to a doctor and cool down measures? How much higher than that would mean a trip to the emergency ward?

Limbo (or equivilents)

I'm having trouble on researching this, mainly because I have no idea what different names for Limbo-type places there are. Basically, I'm looking for any myths/beliefs from any cultures that have an After-Life Waiting Room where the soul goes before it reaches its final destination. Websites and book recommendations would be very welcome.

As always, many thanks in advance for any help! ^.^
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Does anyone know of a folktale about a princess with no voice?

ETA: I'm writing a script for my beginner's acting class. Usually we do fairytales and that kind of thing. This session we've got a little girl who is extremely shy and won't talk beyond a nod or headshake and won't play any of the games... she likes playing dress-up, so I'm pretty much bribing her with a pretty costume if she'll speak up and get involved. I thought a story about a mute princess would be the best solution.
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stupid question about zippers

what's the term for the part of a zipper that you pull on when zipping or unzipping the zipper?

and not "latch," which is a British term for it. i'm looking for some term an American would use.
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I'm looking for a creative way of wounding someone. Here are the requirements:

-It has to leave permanent damage that would make the victim horribly bitter about the whole incident
-It has to leave the victim able to fight, though not necessarily at the beginning and not necessarily well.
-It has to be doable in a medieval fantasy (think D&D) setting.
-It should be traumatic and very creative (no just chopping off an arm)
-It should not damage her internal organs, so no gas that burns her lungs or whatever.
-I'd prefer it not to involve neural things, considering her mind is already weird enough.

Any ideas? I've thought of simply messing up her face real bad, but yeah. The victim is female, if you wanted to know, and the perpetrator is also female.
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Stiletto heels

Hi everyone!

Has anyone ever had the misfortune to have their hand stamped hard on, deliberately, by someone wearing stiletto heels (not necessarily that high, but heels that taper to a point rather than wedges)? Would there be bruising, or would the skin be broken?

Thank you!

Edit: Thanks, everyone; I'm off to make characters stomp on each other.
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How would you say "Wind Romance" in Japanese, in a way that would make it a suitable name for a video game? (I mean "ancient-fantasy-type-romance," not "kissy-kissy romance.")

I know "kaze" and could certainly look up "romance," but don't know how to put them together gracefully.
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Sea World.

Having just joined the community, I come with a question. Obviously. I'm in the middle of writing something that involves a person as a whale trainer at Sea World, and I realize I've never even been to Sea World. Does anyone know any details about this occupation? Anything at all would help, from what the employees do, to where they sleep and work hours. Are their different levels? The more details, the better.

Thank you in advance.

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High school/middle school courses in America?

Okay, it's been five years since I was in high school, and I don't remember my courses too well. It doesn't help either, that I went to a specialty high school that required four years of everything
and was in the gifted program starting in 5th grade. So my schedules are off as compared to, say
general America. Can I get a little help here? I'll post what I did, for some help. I apologize
for the length/number of questions.

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Thank you so much for wherever you can help me. I crossposted this to my own journal, as I have some friends who are high school age/just got out.

EDIT: I'm after all the variations, actually, regardless of state. The schools are set in something of an alternate universe, so this is more of me getting what I can and working with it. Thanks to my schools, I have a very bad guideline to go on in my personal life.

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I've been procrastinating making this post, so it's gonna have a few questions.

First of all, I have no clue of population size. So how many people would be in a city that was small yet still had four distinct groups, while everyone in one group hadn't even necessary seen each other? The groups don't include people younger than 15 or so.

I don't need the exact number; I ask because I have a question regarding inbreeding. This is a closed city, with very few people travelling in or out. (a few lone people coming in per year at most.) Inbreeding wouldn't be a problem, would it? It's been about 300-400 years since the city was founded. Maybe inbreeding would have either already been a problem, or not be a problem?

That's kinda broad, sorry.

How many generations is 300 years? 400?

I need a gun. It has to be relatively small- handgun-ish, not rifle-ish- and easy to load. I know next to nothing about guns.

So if the average 21 year old male traveled through about two to three miles of knee-deep marsh at top speed, about how long would it take? If there's unpleasant weather, and he hasn't slept for 12 hours before making this trekk, and it's been, oh, six hours since he had food or drink.. is it conceivable that he would pass out as soon as he's crossed the marsh? I really want him to drop stone cold as soon as he makes it (thus delaying the urgent message and inducing a guilt factor), but he's on the healthier side of average.

If you plugged in an iPod so the battery didn't run down, and left it paused on one song... would the information about the song ever get burned into the screen, even the teeniest bit? How long would that take? Months? Years? Oh, and would the iPod ever actually shut down if you left it plugged in?

OK. I think that's it for now.

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