January 13th, 2005

diana prince

Poisons and food allergies

Hi, great community, this is my first time posting.

I'm working on an assassin story in a fantasy setting where our assassin specializes in poisons. But she is put in a situation where the food is regularly tasted and checked for problems. So I'm looking for suggestions around that. What I was considering were natural ingredients which wouldn't register as poisonous except on the victim, like an allergy or whatever. Since she's providing the dessert tray, I was thinking of fillings or frostings that could be potentially problematic. Any ideas?
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(no subject)

Would it be possible for a one-eyed character from Estonia to work as a pilot worldwide during the 50s/60s? What would be the medical restrictions on his gaining a pilot's license? (In the canon text, he is first seen flying a Mosquito for a rebel force in the Middle East, and later is seen piloting a private jet owned by an aircraft manufacturer.)
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Complications of a permanent eclipse

What would the repercussions be if the moon's orbit were altered so that it permanently blocked the sun?

Some particular details I'd like:
-How the tides would change, and what impact that'd have on sea life
-Would any plants survive? How long would it take them to all die off?
-What would the impact on animals be?
-What're some things I should keep in mind on how humans would react?

This is for an otherwise normal, modern-day setting, so I'm trying to get as close to real life as possible.

Thanks in advance!
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Japanese pet names

A pair of rather silly little questions for a rather silly little issue:

What's a common name someone would give a pet dog in Japan? What's a common name someone would give a pet cat in Japan?
Particularly the kinds of names a little kid would use, like the Japanese counterpart names of things like "Fluffy" or "Sparky" or whatever.

Looking at "pet name" sites hasn't exactly been helpful, because you can never be sure just how common those names are, you know?

Thanks in advance! ♥
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US Presidents numbering systems

I'm working on a bit of world pre-history for a story I'm writing that is set in the future, but part of that will involve numbering off a few US presidents to get to the story-current one.

So, my question is: When numbering the Presidents (ie: 1st President, 43rd President) how do multiple terms work?

I'm working right now under the assumption that if the terms are served consecutively, that's counted as one (so if Joe become the president for 4 years and is the 15th President, and then wins again, he's still the 15th President) where if the terms are not consecutive, they're counted as two (Joe wins to become the 15th, then Bob wins, becoming 16th, and Joe wins again, making him the 17th).

Is that right?

Also, what number is the US on right now (or will they be on starting Jan 20th)?

Thanks in advance!

Decomposing bodies

A story that I'm working on has a pair of folks stumbling on a lost city which almost entirely was wiped out by plague. The disease killed lots and lots of people, and left corpses lying everywhere because there weren't enough people around to haul them off, near the end of it. (It's a fantasy setting so I don't have a specific real-world plague in mind, and it was at least partially unnatural anyway.)

My question is, how long would it typically take for a large number of corpses in a fairly open space to decompose to nothing? What kind of residue would be left over? Any info about decomposition or such would be helpful - I don't know much about it.