January 12th, 2005


Hardness of steel vs brass

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Any kinky metallurgists out there? I'm in the midst of writing a bondage/SM scene and would rather not use stainless steel for the shackles and chains (too modern). It's possible that I could figure this out for myself, but I have no idea which metal properties to look for. Are metals like brass or bronze too soft to work, or can it be done? (Just to clarify, I'm not planning any suspension scenes with my characters, just fairly ordinary, medium-heavy stuff. Ropes would probably work just as well, but they don't clink as nicely.)

Oh, and hello. I just added this list to my groups. Hope I can contribute with something constructive instead of just asking silly questions.
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STRAAAAAAAAAAAAANGE questions about lefties in Japan

anyone familiar with the anime/manga Inuyasha already knows the character description i'm listing below the LJ-cut, but the stuff i'm listing is important to the question i'm gonna ask.

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now that that's out of the way, here's my set of questions:

- in Japan, how are left handed people treated in modern times? 500 years ago?
- is there any stigma surrounding naturally left handed people in Japan? now versus 500 years ago?
- for a right handed person whose right hand is ridden with so much pain that he can't use it, how difficult would it be for him to use chopsticks left handed?
- (canon question about my character) - does Miroku tend to use his right hand for eating with chopsticks? is there anything he does left handed that is normally something a right handed person would do right handed?

thanks in advance.
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This is really for a fic

I'm planning to write something that takes place in an MMORPG (not .hack) (so this is not for some silly internet knowledge)

Can someone explain to me how 1337 speech works? All I know is limited to "reverse the "e" and write a "3": like T3H. But even then, I'm not quite sure about that...

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I haven't worked in a medical office for over ten years, so my medical terminology is rusty, to say the least. I need to describe broken fingers, burn marks and a dislocated shoulder in med-speak. Can anyone help?


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Keeping liquids warm?

Was there a sort of medieval container that acted like our modern thermos? Or when did thermoses first come about? I'd like to have a character take hot soup out to border sentries on a rainy day, but I don't know how he'd keep it warm.

It's a Lord of the Rings story, so it doesn't have to be strictly medieval. Just something not too modern to be plausible.
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