January 10th, 2005

Chibi Kain

Western-Themed Superheroes and You

Recent Project: I am developing a new character. I don't have much experience in the way of superheroes, but for certain reasons of creative thinking, I have decided to toy with it to an extent. I have chosen a patriotic character with a cowboy theme that I have tentatively called "The American Dream."
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... Yes, this is what happens when someone who is normally not all that into the Wild West sort of thing decides that they suddenly want a piece of the genre. Also, the sad part is that this has absoLUTEly nothing to do with my previous questions about amnesia and blind scholars. Heh... I really should learn to work on one project at a time.
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SPN: not alone

Ship repairs

Okay, so in my story, there's an 18th-century English ship-of-the-line that's been damaged by a storm to the point where she can't make it back to port.  The crew manages to sail her to a nearby deserted island so that they can make emergency repairs.  My question is, how would one do repairs "in the wild" like this?  Can a ship that big be beached?  If yes, how would it be done?  And about how long would it take to, say, jury a mast and rig and patch a leak in the hull?
  • norah

Automotive ignorance.

I need a car malady that would cause a car to not start (I need to know if it would grind and turn over, or what, when it didn't start) and that will take about a full day to fix. It should be something that might plausibly happen to, say, an older model (late 70's early 80's) American muscle car. If it requires special-order parts, even better. Anyone? And what simple tools might a mechanic use while diagnosing/fixing the problem? ETA: Just for clarification, I need something that will take approx. 6-8 man-hours to fix, and up to a week's wait for parts.

I slash, so problems that require bending over the hood are better than problems that require scooting under the car. But I will take either, because grease smudges on the cheek and forearms can be kinda hot no matter what.
BrynGreenHair (mine)

Shoe names

On like a pair of combat boots, there's silver fasteners in two rows on the front of the shoe. The bottom half of them are like triangular hoops for the shoelace to go through, and the top half are hooks. Is there a specific name fore these silver fasteners, or a common way they are described?

Thank you in advance.
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