January 9th, 2005

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Hispanic culture

My setting is a slightly futuristic America, wherein Hispanics (Central/South American Hispanics, that is) have become the majority minority in some fashion. I'm looking for cultural resources that could be translated into "what the cool kids do". Somewhat like today but (for example) instead of rap stars, everyone listens to mariachi bands. Any suggestions on where I would look?

Also, what word would be used for a community/neighborhood? The only thing I can come up with is barrio, and for some reason, that has a negative connotation in my head. Any other suggestions?

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I'm looking for as fast responses as possible in this, as I'm currently writing a report that requires this information...

I've heard of certain 'beliefs' or 'superstitions' or whatever, linking ancestors to the stars or the sky or something, and I'd like any information or tips I can get, however big or small. Every little bit will help. :D

Thank you in advance ~

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Question about swords

I'm going back and revising a story of mine and I have a character who is from a race of people who have a culture that is kind of a hybrid of Celtic and First Nations cultures. His weapon of choice is the sword, and I originally wrote him as having a broadsword, but now I'm not so sure it's going to work. A broadsword is mainly for hacking and slashing, right? But, I have a few scenes where my character does some fancy swordwork, such as batting a thrown grenade back at the enemy, and some other things that require him to have one hand free. I always understood that you needed two hands to effectively use a broadsword because of its weight. My character and his people are stronger than average human beings, though. They have a stockier build, and consequently, stronger bones to support their body mass. So, if someone were strong enough, could they use a broadsword the same way as a swordfighting-type sword? (Yes, clearly, I know little about swords) I'm not worried about time period accuracy, because this is a sci-fi story and actually takes place in the future. Confusing, no? ;) Anyway, if anyone knows anything about swords, it would be most helpful!

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Anyone know of some good names of high-scoring hands in card games? (And by that I mean any card games at all, not just poker or blackjack.) Basically, I'm looking for something that would make a good name for a group of guys in planes: a term that doesn't take long to say and sounds sort of cool even if it's not immediately recognizable.