January 7th, 2005

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Depression Or Something Like It . . .

Okay, I've got a problem that I'd be more than willing to look up if I knew quite what to look for. I've always been bad with search terms even when I knew what I was looking for . . .

. . . so this is where you guys come in.

We've got a guy, around . . . fifty, maybe? Twin sons, a wife. Biological daughter that he only found out about a couple of years ago. Someone tells me that the creator mentioned him being a house-husband; I'm not sure enough to call it canon, but I'm still using it for my fic.

Now his sons, his daughter, and his wife are all part of an alien-fighting government organization. And so when the Martians invaded (a single battle, for the record, not a drawn-out thing) . . . his sons both died, his wife had a mental breakdown (and, in my fic, she's in the mental hospital; it doesn't seem a terribly far stretch, especially considering she's been there before.) His daughter's still around, though I believe she lives with her boyfriend, so I don't know how much she'll be around.

Basically . . . this doesn't sound like it'll be very fun for him. And I want to figure out what the next couple of months are going to be like for him, but I don't know what I'm looking for. Is it just depression? PTSD? Something else entirely?

And I guess this would be a second question, but . . . would having a dog around help any?

Thanks in advance. ^^
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Boot Camp / Basic Training / Etc.

I've got two characters who are in charge of taming and training a wonderfully motley crew of teenagers to be fighters. It sounds weird, I guess, but hey. :) They've both had a lot of training, military and otherwise, and my main question is what is covered in boot camp/basic training? What would be some good exercises to include? Drills? Anything would be loved, thanks!
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Job Help

Hi there. 

I'm at a loss over what my main character actually does for a living.  I know what she does that's the focus in my story, and it doesn't have much to do with where she works.  However, there are a couple of scenes that will be necessary that happen at work, I just am having a terrible time figuring out what that is. 
I was hoping you all could help.

Here's what I do know about her job:
She works mainly at night.
It must have something to do with the medical profession or with death/dying
It must still have a bit of interactions with the living
She's going to need her own office (area) to work in

A few things that might also help:
She's not a vampire.  She works at night due to other things she works on during the day, hence the night job.
Possibly, the less science the better.  Research is one thing, books, I can live with.  It's the descriptions of medicines and procedures I don't want to have to mess with as a writer.  I'd invariably get it wrong.
She needs her own working space for nothing more than having to bring someone to work with her almost every day (think: bodyguard).

Any help would be appreciated. For now, I'm writing stuff that doesn't take place around work, trying to veer around those as long as possible.  Unfortunately, someday, she'll actually need to be at work in one of the scenes, and then I'll be lost.

Medieval class issues

Question: In the Middle Ages, if a princess were walking around dressed like a commoner, would the people of her kingdom be able to recognize her? She was sent to another court for a long period in her young life, and was fifteen when sent into exile. No commoner's probably got a good look at her when princess, right? Weren't their servants of a slightly higher class than just some merchants and farmers?
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I'm hoping this isn't too far off base for this community...

Basically, I'm looking at the origin of swear words.
The society of my story's about four hundred years in the future. Over half my characters are cyborgs of some degree or another. Biological talk doesn't have the same impact... and as I'm one of those awkward people who tends to use an excess of asterisks instead of the actual word...
I'm looking for technical, mechanical or computer terminology that could be corrupted into usable expletives. The characters already use 'crash off' as a way of basically saying '**** off and die', for example.
Hell, if it was good enough for Red Dwarf to make up their own...


(no subject)

Ack. I'm writing a story which involves gas [and oil] lighting, but I'm not quite sure how either type of lights work. Does a person just turn a little key or something? And how do you reduce the risk of fire?

Cats - Sora and Nefer

Current slang synonym for hacker/cracker?

Are there any current slang terms used for crackers (i.e., malicious hackers)? I need something that has more of a flavor of competence than 'script kiddy' and something that indicates more of actual cracking of systems than 'warez d00d,' which refers to pirated software.

I've poked around the Jargon File a bit but haven't come up with anything satisfying.

The context in which it's to be used is so that one character mentions a hacker and another cahracter says something like "Don't you mean [new slang term]?" so that it will open the way for the first character to make a crack about the second character's young age. (I'm not actually the writer, but the artist for a comic story, but the writer asked me for help, and that's the situation she currently has set up.)
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Question about gills

I'm double-checking something in my story to make sure it's physiologically possible. I have a race of humanoid beings in my story who, because their planet is 90% covered in water, have both lungs and gills, and spend just as much time underwater as they do on land. Now, for a being the size and shape of a human, how big would their gills have to be in order for them to...well...not die? I do realize fish are cold-blooded, but I figure, through evolution, these amphibious beings would have developed a warm-blooded version. (This is why I like sci-fi. When you write yourself into a corner, you can get yourself out of it by just making shit up ;)) So, how big should their gills be?

Movie/game reviews and magazine deadlines

I have a character who for one of his jobs recieves copies of video games before release (and sometimes after, depending on how important the game is deemed to be), plays them, and reviews them. In the past, he's done basically the same for "strange" cartoons (think anime, only there is no Japan in this storyverse, so it's just this weird branch of cartoons that some people geek out about). He does this for magazines, he's been with the gaming one for about four and a half years, and quit the animation one recently because of stress related to another job (since he's basically freelancing and only does this for the free copies of games and a bit of fun money).
Whether this is the way things actually work doesn't bother me very much (though if you want to say, I'll see what I can do with the information), but I'm more concerned about deadlines etc. How long before the magazine is sent to the presses are they going to want to have the text from the writers? How long before the magazine arrives in mailboxes and stores will the darn thing be sent to the presses.

(Basically, I want to see how much the character can push the deadline for one article, since him not being able to finish it was due to events WAY out of his control, and he's really anal about finishing a game before he writes his final review. He can work on it before that, sure, but he won't finish the review or set a score until he's seen those credits rolling. This and the fact that he has a rather snarky writing style have him as something of the readers' pet, so he's not going to lose his job over one missed deadline, but having the review pushed to the next issue is going to make ends not meet as well on his part.)

This is in regards to a monthly/bimonthly magazine along the line of SuperPLAY or Animerica or what have you. The typical glossy magazine with reviews and previews from upcoming games/movies/whatever, along with some con reports and interviews.

I write about strange things.

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Questions re:Drowning

I'm making a character attempt suicide by drowning, because I'm evil like that. However, never having drowned myself, I have no idea how it works. So, questions.

How much time conscious would the drowning person have? If he did something such as deliberately breathe in, would that effect it, and how? Is there any other way someone with little to no specialized knowledge would think of to accelerate the process? How long after entering the water would the person have to be pulled out to survive, if the only person around had no special knowledge of lifesaving? How would drowning, and...err...un-drowning, I suppose...actually work? How long would it be before he regained consciousness? Would he be confused or disoriented? What would the effects be?

I know nothing, yes. Oh, first post. *waves*

Two questions

I was caught off guard by having a story that required research for some of the background details. I feel somewhat silly because I used to know a little bit about the second one, but have since forgotten.

What was the average state of education in Ireland in the 1920s for regular people?

And does anyone have any information or resources about the effects of WWII on Britain?
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