January 6th, 2005

Marking Territory 2

Medieval Hair Care

Okay, here's one for the group:

Before there were expensive shampoos and leave-in conditioners, what did people use for helping keep hair shiny and non-split-endy?

Egg-whites, maybe? My character is back in medieval times, so whipped cream and such wouldn't be available. :(

[Edit: Thanks so much for all the replies! You guys are really a wealth of knowledge!] <3
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A scarring question

What do scars look like after they've healed? I'm talking about clean cuts (this particular character fights with razor sharp garrote wire), properly treated, on a fairly wiry man's chest, which have had roughly 50 years to heal. Would they even leave marks after that much time?
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This is kind of an odd question, but when did corpses begin to be embalmed on a fairly wide scale in the United States? This wouldn't be so in about the 1880s, correct? But although it probably wasn't prevalent, did at least a few people have the knowledge/materials to do such a thing?

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Brain question.

I love this community so much. :)

In an X-Men RPG, I play a telepath who has a penchant for fooling around in people's heads, mostly to cause pain or a variety of other sensations (and it's not Emma, who you see in the icon, this time ;D). What I'm wondering is if there's names for the places in the brain that control pain, pleasure, fear, what you see (which might have a lot to do with your optic nerves, but I mean where it all connects), your perceptions of heat and cold (although, like what you see, this also has something to do with the nerves in the rest of your body, I'm sure), etc. Any other information on the topic would be much loved.

Thanks in advance. :D
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Anyone here live in Denver?

Before I get lynched by readers for not writing the next chapter, I need some help.

The story is set in a non-existant town in Colorado, probably like 50-odd miles from Denver(or more). In the next chapter, two of the main characters travel to Denver for the semi-finals of a singing competition. Note that I've been to Colorado ONCE, and only to ski a couple of times, so all I know about the place is that it has snow and there are doctors who enjoy telling you you're going to croak in 24 hours(Yeah, I had fun there).

So I guess I just need some information, details, etc about Denver. What's the driving like, the weather(the story is set around mid-spring, April-ish I suppose), culture, etc...

Also, if there WAS a singing competition, where would it likely be held? It's probably nothing big, a total of twenty singers or so, low budget and not widely-known... so it probably won't be held anywhere grand. Are there theatres or small performance halls that do this kind of thing for cheap? And yes, if I must, I'll just make something up. ;) But if you know anything about where a singing competition, Denver or no, would probably be held... speak up! ;)

I'll probably be popping up soon with more questions for this story(some of it is set in 1699, which I know little about, but I'm researching), as I VERY much want to be as accurate as possible.
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Hello all, and thank you for this place where I can ask all my off-the-wall questions that earn me such strange looks in Real Life. I've got a couple today, completely unrelated.

The first- I have a story in which a character (a shapeshifter) is taking an ethics class at a fairly young age (about 9). Of course, I myself have never taken an ethics class, so I really only have the vaguest ideas for what ideas would be broached and how they would be taught to someone of that age. If anyone out there either a) has taken an ethics course in high school or college, and could explain the basics that are taught or provide links that do, or b) any idea of how ethics is taught to children in a specific class, rather than simply being incorporated into generalized teachings as a moral or honor code.

Did that make any sense?

The second- at what hour are meals generally eaten in Britain (say London, if it varies. Or provide examples.) and at what hour would laborers be returning home from work? Do they do shift work, and if so, what hours are the shifts? The aforementioned laborers are likely work in warehouses or on the docks, doing hard physical work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

Edit: Thanks to everyone who has responded thus far; I think that the second question is pretty well nailed down at this point. What I really need now are responses to the ethics question. Thank you again!
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Marijuana usage

Revealing my ignorance, I have two questions about the effects/aftereffects of smoking marijuana, for a story I'm writing.

(1) I know marijuana isn't a hallucinogenic drug, but does it have any similar properties? Would a person smoking it be more likely to vividly imagine things, for example?
(2) How does coming down off of it feel? Are there/can there be any negative physical symptoms?

"Ow, that hurts."

Hey there. This place seems like a good idea...

I find myself needing information about various types of wounds and their long- and short time effects on a body, how they heal and how one "generally" reacts to damage of that magnitude. Any help would be appreciated.
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New community pimpage!

Remember, kids: I had to ask myself for permission before posting off-topic.

There's a new community for writers on the block: multilingual. It's like little_details in concept, only for languages. From the user info:
You just know that someone somewhere is laughing themselves silly because your Navy Lieutenant just said something about a purple elephant is his sexy French voice. So what's a writer to do?

Well, hopefully, come here and beg someone who actually speaks the language to help you. Pretty cool idea, no? Now let's see if it works...
If you like the community idea, please let your friends know, because it won't work without a big enough pool of members who can help out. (Also, please use foreign languages in fic judiciously, or you might appear on fanficrants.)

Disclaimer: multilingual and little_details are not affiliated in any way. little_details cannot be held responsible for trolling, asshaberdashery, or other negative goings-down in multilingual.

Generic pregnancy question

I have a character who tells her husband that she is three months pregnant after he comes home for a while from a three-month-long absence, and before he leaves for a few more months. The character in question is eighteen, short and very slender (about 5'1" - I forget her exact weight, but very thin.) How would she most likely be looking, at this point? Would a trained eye be able to tell on sight that she is pregnant, or would she mostly just appear to have gained weight?

(I'm finding some good information on BabyWorld already. Judging from that timeline, it seems that others would be able to tell she's gained weight, but they couldn't necessarily assume it was because she was pregnant. Is that about right?)