January 4th, 2005

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Quick question from a first-time lurker here. I'll be grateful for any answers I get on this one.

How much blood does a person have to lose in order to cause them to get dizzy and pass out?

The person who will be losing the blood is a white, caucasion male; 16 years of age and weighs at about 150-160. He's only 5 feet 6 inches tall. He'll end up hacking, with a small knife, at his arms and wrists. I guess a better question would be, how long would it take him to lose enough blood to fall into unconsciousness?

Thank you in advance for any answers or help!
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What in heck are those direction-finding devices called that are installed in some cars and I suppose, planes? I know it's an acronym, but it slipped my mind and I neeeed it. Thank you.

ETA: You're wonderful. And fast! Thanks, everybody.
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OK, in canon, kid is running, falls down a good-sized staircase, is knocked out. It was a public place so help probably got to him fairly quickly, although he still goes into cardiac arrest from the blow to the head. At the end of the show, he's shown waking up and seems to be all right.

My question--what sort of long-term effects are we looking at here? Will he have trouble walking, moving, any future head problems? Headaches? Higher risk of anything? Will he need eventual surgeries?

(and I *know* some of you know what fandom this is right off the bat)
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Serious questions here. Odd, but serious.

Couple of odd questions:

1. What would have been a serious offense to the Vikings? Basically speaking, I've got a character who says something in Valhalla that causes everyone else in the place to try to kill him, mainly because it's an extreme insult to their culture. What sort of thing would trigger this reaction? (I'm looking for serious responses here, though I suppose I can work with something a bit off the wall and humorous.)

2. I've got Annwn, Valhalla, the Greek/Roman Underworld, Heaven, and Hell. What other mythical places (aside from the aforementioned) were locations where souls went to spend their afterlife? Websites describing such places would be appreciated as well. Please note, however, that I'm looking for mythical places real religions actually believed in.

Edit: I'd like to thank everyone who replied between the time this was posted and the day after. All of your information has been a big help to me thus far.
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At the beginning of this story, it is the beginning of human consciousness. This is when Pandora opens her box (snorfle), Eve bites into the apple and... what? I'm stuck. I need something to go there, cuz, y'know. Three. It's a magic number.

Sorry I can't make this any clearer. I would grealy appreciate any help you could give me, and y'all seem like such knowledgable folk!

Benedictine monasteries

Hi, I've just joined the community, and already I have a question! Can anybody tell me whether:

1. Benedictine monasteries (particularly those in Europe, but anywhere will be a help) allow guests to arrive out of the blue and stay a night?

2. If so, do they charge anything? And how much, roughly? Traditionally, Benedictines didn't charge, but in the modern age they may have had to go more commercial? They do charge for people who come to stay on organised retreats, but would they charge someone who had just come in off the road needing a place to stay for one night? Do all of them charge? Some of them? None of them?

Any ideas much appreciated! :-)

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I feel like I post in here all the time, it's awesome. xD

Ok, this is more to settle an argument then anything else, but uh - what are the usual safety policy codes for mental hospitals (in the USA) - or rather what precautions do they take to protect the patients and the property? For instance: I heard somewhere that TVs are sometimes encased in unbreakable plastic at mental hospitals, is this true?

If this is all common knowledge for some reason, color me clueless. :P
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First time questioner here~

I don't know if this has been asked before, but I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes a person (approximately 5'6-5'7, male, around 130lbs) to bleed out after slitting his wrists? Or at the very least to the point where he would lose consciousness/go into a coma?

Thanks! ^_^