January 3rd, 2005

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What are examples of dances performed in pairs? Any type of dance genre will do, since I'm just trying to substitute a word in a sentence. I tried using the word "duet," but I believe that is only for music, right?

Thanks in advance!


How about a dance performed solo?
Elfquest: Soulmates dance

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Okay, this is a slightly stupid question. But google hates to give me answers like this, so I'll see what info I can recieve: I have a little boy who needs to die in a fire. He needs to die quickly and in as little pain as possible, since I'm keeping him on a ghost who doesn't believe he's dead. He's awake when the fire starts and hides in a closet. Everything around him is wood or drywall. Any suggested styles of death?

And, I have one other really stupid and kind of silly question. I'm writing about two boys doing, well, smut chats online. One's American, from the midwest, and the other's French, in London and they're chatting mostly in English. Any slang in any applicable language for orgasm would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to confuse both of them to no end, so anything goes here folks!


Okay - I am writing a story in which one of the supporting female characters drugs the main male character with Rohypnol and kidnaps him. I managed to find online the effects of Rohypnol and how long it takes for the drug to kick in....but there are a couple of other things I need to know, and I'm hoping that someone here can help me. (I adore this community, BTW!)

First - I know that Rohypnol typically comes in pill form and can be dropped into a drink - but does it automatically dissolve when placed in liquid, or does it need to be broken up when it is dropped into the drink for it to be effective?

Second - Rohypnol is commonly known as the "date rape" drug and used by men on women - but in my story the reverse is happening. I am thinking about writing this woman having sex with the man while he is knocked out on the Rohypnol, but would he be able to....get it up, shall we say? Or would he be too drugged for that to happen?

Sorry if these are sort of stupid questions....but I want to make sure I get the detail right for the story.

Thanks in advance for any answers - I probably won't be able to respond immediately to any comments because my computer is messed up, and I have to post using the library computer....

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Do any Japanese people actually say 'thank the gods' - and if they do, who does? I.E. is a seventeen year old Tokyo-ite street thug likely to ever say it?

Also, is there any location on the torso in which someone can be shot right through without damaging any internal organs? (I'm probably right in thinking that it definitely won't happen if you're using large scale weaponry or dum-dums, but I'm talking a 'simple' pistol with standard bullets)

Say someone has just been slashed across the leg by a sickle. The blade has all matter of things on it - blood (of animals - all reptiles, if it makes any difference), dirt, probably worse things than that but there's no way of knowing. The victim will have to make do with only basic out-of-a-first-aid-kit medical treatment for another two days - she will spend most of those two days in combat situations in a tropical climate.
What will happen to her leg, and what sorts of diseases is she likely to get (and can they be treated?)?

A question about the England of the old west era.

Let’s say we have this guy, going to Cambridge university. While there, he’s discovered his talent for poker. The question is, where would be a good place around that area where he could play? I’m not looking for specific buildings, just suggestions of a place filled with small bars and salons where a college-aged kid could go and play poker. It needs to be slightly isolated, as he’s going to eventually fight some guys and it can’t be noticed.