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Ok, two questions:

For the first, this is the situation: You have a young teenager (about... 13? 14? years) who lives in the slums and was shot in the leg. Obviously, his friends can't get good medical help, and all you know is that about 9 years later he still has a heavy limp from it.

How would/could a bunch of kids treat it with few supplies? I'm assuming that they can steal some, but probably just the basic gauze/disinfectants. And would it be plausible to have him get drunk to numb the pain?

And second: Can you bury a body in heavy rain? I'm thinking no, because the rain will wash away the dirt...

Thanks, and Happy New Year! =)
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New York City work habits

At what time does the average New Yorker go to work in the morning? This particular character is a computer chief in the financial district, so she's not tied to the financial markets in foreign countries. Would the big wigs get to the office earlier or later? And when is standard lunch time? It's noon in the midwest, but it was 1 pm in California when I was there.
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Short time lurker, first time poster and all that, though this is an amazing community. (thanks to flamika :) )

Anywho. I'm writing this story and /somehow/ people start turning into Zombies.

It's set in a University, one of the guys who has a thing for the main char's gf has made some pretty real looking rancid blood using some animal blood and various chemicals, and somewhere around is a cannibal cult that have been kidnapping people for the past couple months.

Now what I need is a plausible reason for the Zombies popping up.

So I'm wondering if any of you knows some of the reasons why Zombies have appeared in films/games/books etc (i.e. what reasons they gave) or if any of you guys have any ideas you could throw my way?

Sorry if this isn't the place to do this, and sorry if the post isn't that clear, but this is bugging me now.

Thanks in advance



Wow! So many ideas and so fast! Thanks to everyone thats replied so far, you've given me quite a bit to work with already :)

Course if you wanna add more by all means go ahead ;)

Thanks again everyone :) Now I know why I love this community ^_^

Rape routines

I know there was a question roughly about this (where I got the little I can remember about it from), but I've just spent at least an hour and a half looking and I cannot for the life of me find it. If you can either answer, or just link me to it if you happen to know where it is, I would be very grateful.

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So, what's the routine, if he gets picked up by the police or walks into the hospital? He'll quite indifferently state he's been raped either case. Will the policeman run him to the hospital and take the questioning later, or will they hear him briefly and then take him?
Also, whatever tests might be relevant, how would the doctor go about getting photographic evidence of the damage (again, he doesn't give a shit, really, but it can be presumed they've had SOME sensitivity training), would it be neccesary with another round of surgery on his poor knuckles, and how would that be prioritized, so on?

Also... Where would the photographs be taken to be developed? This becomes relevant later in the story as it turns out someone in the darkroom isn't quite trustworthy... What could that person expect if the hospital finds out exactly who sold these pictures (and if possible sneaked a peek at medical records to verify what the pictures were of) to a semi-sensational local magazine (only in the city in question and by subscription to a scarce few outside the city, but the city is a state capital).

(EDIT: Found something to answer the more basic questions here, linking so other people can use it, but I'd still like to know about prioritizing, things not mentioned on that page, and if there'd be any modifications to it if 12+ hours have passed since it happened.)

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Western Hemisphere Crops and Domesticated Animals


I'm starting a fantasy story and I'm thinking of, instead of assuming the civilization has the native plants of Europe/the Middle East, that they started with the native plants of the Americas and the native lanyts of Europe/Asia grow elsewhere in the world. This gives me anumber of issues:

1. I'm a little fuzzy on which plants started where. For example, I know corn and potatos are American, wheat and oats are European/Middle Eastern and rice is East Asian.BUt, I don't know, where, say coffee came from. So a lsit of common foodstuffs and thier origin would be helpful.

2. Domesticated animals. I know the horse went extinct in the Americas a while before people could ahev domesticated it. So, what replaced it -- I know the Incas had llamas and alpacas, but I don't know what they could be used for (well, wool and pakc animals, I know, I suppose). And any other thoughts on possible substitutions for domesticated animals -- I asusme at leats some animals have subspecies everywhere (dogs/wolves, cats, fowl..)

Even speculation is welcome.