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Caring for six-month-old twins

What: Caring for six-month-old twins when not primary caregiver.
When: Present day.
Searched: "infant babysitting," "babysitting twins," "twin nanny," "caring for twins," "six-month-old twins", etc. etc. ad nauseam.
The Situation!

Long-time lurker, finally a questioner, and this is kind of a weird one. My character found a part-time working job for an upper-class family in her college paper, sitting six-month-old twins for four hours a night. It's a highly-paid position, so who needs that fancy internship, right?

Somehow I think that sitting for twins would be different than sitting for just one kid and especially difficult if they can't walk or talk yet. She has experience with young children and babies, but never with twins or siblings. What differences would she run into? Are twins harder to calm down than other children? Do they set each other off? Can you comfortably walk around with a baby under each arm? And what about that family? They're not scarily rich or else they'd have someone living in and Mom is trying to be hands-on, but do wealthy families do anything differently? Obviously every parent will have his or her quirks, but are there any generalities?

The most important elements here are what the twins would be like and what would be expected of the character for four hours a night, five days a week. She's innocently assuming that she'll put them down an hour after she gets there and do her homework with the baby monitor. It can't possibly be that easy, right? Anything you've got, from documented facts to fun anecdotes, would be welcome. Thanks!
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