December 31st, 2004


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This is an odd question...well, I guess no question posted here is too odd ;) Anyway, in the prologue of a story I'm working on, one of my characters is about 7 yrs old and there's a big storm and a flood, and his family gets washed away. The problem I ran into is that they aren't human, they're amphibious humanoid beings with both lungs and gills(they live on a planet about 90% covered in water). So, that means my character's family couldn't drown in the flood, could they? How else could someone die in a flood besides drowning?

Infant neurology and such

I'm working on a science-fiction what-if story about science finding very strong and difficult-to-ignore evidence of reincarnation in very young children. I've already found some very helpful information on this community, thanks to this post.

Now I'm asking if anyone out there can give me a good reference concerning the neurology of infants, from conception on through infancy - pretty much that whole period that most people can't remember, roughly age two and earlier. Google isn't helping much, although that could be because I don't know where to start, and I don't have access to academic journal searches right now.