December 29th, 2004

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still cameras in the 1960s and 1970s

just a few things:

in Japan and the USA...

1. what were major camera brand names and/or types from about 1965-1975?

2. common film speeds then?

3. color? black and white? which was more common to the public?

4. instant cameras (like Polaroids)? did they exist then?

i basically need this for a character who was born in the US but is half Japanese, and she is living in Japan when she is about 10 years old, which would be sometime during the above time span. she has photographs of herself and another character in my fic, and i want to know if it's plausible that it was an instant camera and whether or not it would be in color yet.

Cities. In German.

*insert obligatory group worship here*

I have a fantasy universe in which I'd like to use German words for place names. (Don't ask. I'm doing what the muse tells me to do.) This planet, on which the story is set, is a snow-covered planet with lots of snow, water, and ice.

Since I don't know German and don't want to get it wrong, I'm asking for your help. I don't want names of actual cities unless you can somehow work them into a new name (i.e. Bay of Berlin). Ideas?

Peanut Butter Morbid Curiosity GO!

Awrighty. Not a long-time lurker, but this seems like a good place to ask this question.
Everyone knows what I mean by a "cockney" accent, right? Last I remember checking, it was a low English accent. As opposed to the fancy one used by diplomats and lawyers, this would be what's used by dockworkers and so forth. Well. Does anybody know cockney words for
  • police or policeman?
  • cigarettes?
  • being on the run from the law?
  • the equivalent of "the man" (always the man keeping you down)?

Of course, if you knew where I could find a list of such doo-hickeys online, that would be highly-excellent. I would be a happy lad.

... yes, if you must know, this is for a story. About a pair of pants trousers. (man, that was close - brought to you courtesy of hedda62)
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