December 28th, 2004

concerning RAF style flying corps.

I have two characters that live on a planet that is currently involved in a political debate that has sparked a civil war. Basically, they are on a side which has no access to high-tech mechanical devices such as bombs, tanks, ect, but are ingenious bio-genetic engineerists, and so have created their "Flying Corps" who are the main attack force, but pilot specifically designed creatures instead of planes.

Basically I'd like to know the ordering of ranks in say, the RAF or any flying organisation related to army duties - if it's possible, a small explanation of each ranks role. Please and thank you. <3
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Infinity Greymon

I know this place must be sick of Japan questions...

So here's another one. ^^;

I know I could easily probably find this out by searching around, but I won't have the opprotunity for a couple of days to do this extensively. But heck, I've seen you all be more informative than a majority of web pages that I've found on some things. I need to know some sort of information to figure out the location of something in a story... So...

Mount Fuji. About how far away would it be from Tokyo, and what would be at the base of it? Is there any general information that would be good to keep in mind for the surrounding area?

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How are empires divided up, generally? States? Regions? Counties? Territories? (think midieval/rennaissance-esque timeframes)

Again, this is for a fictional world, so let me know how much is open to creativity. I just wasn't sure if "empire" automatically had a basic... setup.
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On bleeding from the mouth...

I don't usually write fight scenes. I like to stay on the "he pushed her, she slapped him, they kissed and made up" path, because then I don't feel like I don't know what I'm doing. But I've been curious for a while now about this...

In the movies, for example, one may see a person being shot in the stomach (or impaled on a sword or some such sharp and pointy object of death), and a trickle of blood forms at the corner of their mouth. It happens to be fairly common up on the silver screen. But my question is, how often does it really happen? How much force is needed to cause someone to bleed from the mouth, or throw/spit up blood? And are there ways of injuring someone to that degree, or killing them, that would not involve them coughing up blood?

I'm hoping this makes at least an inkling of sense. Thanks!