December 25th, 2004


Goblin Names

More of an opinion question than an actual "hey I need to know this" but...

We have this game. There are goblins. They are HUGE spazzes and chitter away in their little goblin language at a mile a minute and can't sit still for 3 seconds.

There is also a Goblin King (who is, elfish), and he ends up sending one of his goblins, who is as spastic as they come, to watch over this girl.

The problem here is that I need a name for this little goblin. Normally I'd let the party name him something like Bob, but the Goblin King sends a letter with him that'll state the little guy's name. Because he cares about his goblins and know...knows all their names. Of course, his name would be in goblin, but the King would probably give the party the English translation for it.

I can't think of a good name for a 2-foot tall knife-and-shield wielding spaz.

[edit] You guys have some really wicked awesome suggestions. Arch-Captain Skitti Pettik Sneggi Kijiji Nakren XI is the name I have decided on. Yea, nay, die? Opinions are still welcome. [/edit]

Modelling Payment

What would be an average amount, per hour (or however it's worked out, I'm really clueless), to pay a model for a photo shoot? How much would this amount vary between a professional model working with an agent or agency, and an "ametuer" model with no agent looking to flesh out his/her portfolio (or whatever it's called)?

Just in case it's relevant, the setting is San Fransisco. And this is for fully clothed, casual posing, nothing skimpy or skanky.

Thanks in advance for any help! ^.^ This community rocks.
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Mostly Archery Questions

First question post here. I thank the creators and all the very helpful members very much for the community - even without having asked anything directly, I've learned a great deal of fun facts and useful information from here.

Anyway, to the point: I need to know a few things in relation to a plot-bunny that's beginning to shape out in my head.

1.) How distracting would it be for an archer if someone else had their hand on the string, pulling it back, while they were taking aim? Would it be better for the archer if the second person let go first, or after them? It is not an unexpected surprise, and they have plenty of time to practice this together. It is, in fact, not unlikely that the archer has had even training in shooting alone and shooting with the second person.

EDIT: This is in a fantasy setting. The second person is there to apply and activate at time charms for force (accuracy charms are, for various reasons, not an option), and they need to be in close contact with the bow and the first archer to do this. I can't think of a better way than holding/touching the string, but I'd be grateful if anyone came up with something more feasible.

2.) Compared to other medieval weapons, how is the penetrating power of an arrow with a very sharp point?

3.) Is it possible to shoot an arrow in a controlled upward arc (slowly becoming steeper rather than flattening out as flight progresses)? I imagine this would be possible only by fiddeling with the shaft or the feathers, and controlling it would be difficult.

4.) Ants and bees have (I think x.x) more than two distinct "types" as opposed to the two genders humans have. Could such types possibly develop in a humanoid people or am I hurting evolutionary theory really badly there?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

(no subject)

My fantasy fiction novel involves an assassin (as I've said in earlier posts). I figure I should get an idea of how real-world assassins work, or used to work (in the "old days", if there were any), so I can pull from these ideas and make adjustments to how my own character works in the society I've created.

How is an assassin usually notified that someone is interested in giving him a "job" (read: target)? This is assuming that both parties will be very conscious of the law enforcers (but in the case of my story, my character would be more paranoid of law enforcers than his clients). Having asked that, then how feasible is it for a famous assassin to work if his real name and face is not known to the public, or even his clients (he goes by an alias, covers most of his face for his own security, and only agrees to meet a client on his own terms that he sets, usually never in his client's home).

Basically, if anyone has any info (if it's an educated guess, that's fine too as long as it makes sense) on the setting up/business part of assassinations, I'd be pleased to hear some of your thoughts.

Happy Holidays,
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I'm writing a fanfiction about a fanatic religious of the Anglican Church getting stigmata (I know is Catholic belief only, has an explanation). Now I wanted to know.

1- What is the Anglican Chruch mindset about them? (The same than the Luteran one?).
2- There has been anyone of this Chruch before that developed the wounds? Even if fake?

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

A sort of odd question... do peoples' heartbeats sound different? From person to person? Or even depending on the shape a person is in?
This pertains to two characters... a blind-fighter martial artist, and a blind hacker. Martial artist wants to teach the hacker her special technique for picking out sounds and tuning out the background noise, and his "assignment" is to pick out her heartbeat amongst various other noises. Essentially, I want to know whether her heartbeat would sound unique from his, or whatnot. (She's in peak physical condition, he's pretty much just average.)