December 24th, 2004

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British furniture terminology

Hi all!

I'm wondering what the term would be, in British English, for a small two-person sofa. In American English it's called a "love seat," but I'm not sure if that would be the British name as well. Would it be a "settee"? And for that matter, is there actually a difference between a "settee" and a sofa or couch? I've looked all these things up in the OED, but the formal definitions aren't actually all that helpful for usage differences.

Thanks so much!
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Regional (American) questions.

What are the naming conventions for folks in the South? Are there any differences between white and black Southerner name trends - historical or current? Any hints on those would be helpful.

I'm not sure how I'd find such results on Google, you see - for this or for my next question.

Texan accents and colloquialisms - I don't quite mean as in pronunciation and such. I'm deaf, so I don't have an ear for those things. So to speak! I also don't care to do the apostrophe thing. Or spelling differently to reflect pronunciation. What I mean is... well, word choice. What words would a (stereotypical?) Texan tend towards in daily conversation?

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character design

What do you call a musculature/build that's more lean than bulky, as in someone who does a lot of running and trains in martial arts (specifically sword-fighting or bo-staff)? This would be opposed to someone who lifts weights, like Arnold Swartzenwhoever.
I'm not sure I know how to ask that, or if I'm making sense. But if you do know what I'm talking about, can someone explain why the two different builds are different both in appearance and muscle use (for lack of a better term)?

Gyah... I really hope I made sense. :/

(I guess the short version is athlete vs. body-builder)...

Thanks for all your help in the past, everyone. And Happy Holidays!
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(no subject)

THank you everyone about the Katana stuff. That was awesome and it helped me out alot. Thanks.
Now, next one.
Does anyone know any of the beliefs Japanese would have? Not Buddhism, but like Shintoism. Is there anyone who can tell me about it or can direct me in the right way to research it? I've looked online and it's been hard. Is there anuy other religions in existance in Japan?
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drug question

Is there a drug you could give to a badly injured person that would prevent them from passing out, at least for a short time? It doesn't matter if there would be nasty aftereffects - the character administering said drug doesn't give a damn about that sort of thing, he just needs to keep the other character awake and relatively coherent for a while, and then it doesn't matter what happens to them.

If there is such a drug, how (approximately) does it work? What would the aftereffects be?